Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is my Profile Picture Scaring away my Followers?

Poof it went. Two of my follower just disappeared. Ok let me start from the beginning. It was a lazy Monday morning (yesterday), I was ideally minding my own business, when I decided to check out my blog. Two of my followers were missing! I had 26 followers, yeah I keep a record of my followers and I don’t know what went wrong. Why these two of my followers decided to un-followed me. Was it because I posted said something stupid or was it because of my new profile picture.

Incase if you haven’t noticed, I have changed my profile. That’s it, the guys with super, white face, black eye shadow or whatever, and an expression that looks like he is having constipation. Yeah that’s me. But please don’t get me wrong. I don’t deny that I wore that make up to look like those black metal, anti-Christ bands but I wore that just for fun. I am a god-fearing person, who goes to church occasionally (though I can’t remember when was the last time I visited the church) and I feel that am not that bad also.

The idea of becoming an Anti-Christ has never ever knocked my head, though am a die hard metal fan. I listen to all kind of metal and black metal seems to me one of my favorite genre. No offense to other kind of music, but I never liked other genre except metal. My favorite bands include Iron Maiden (which I consider one of the best metal bands in the universe), Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Skid Row, Decide, Venom, Dimmu borgir, Mayhem, Amom Amorth and Judas Priests to name a few.

I love to get drunk occasionally, head bang, jam with my band, yeah am the drummer of a band called Gust Of Guttural, go to rock shows, but am not an Anti-Christ. If my profile picture is screaming out that am one plus if its scary, please don’t misjudge me by that look. I am just a fun loving person chasing his dream.

Here is my current profile picture (The guy who looks like he is having a bad constipation)

Here is my past profile picture (A dream that will soon land my room within two months, i mean i'll be buying this kit very soon)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Druggies Have More Chances of Getting a Heart Attack

A druggie life is no bed of roses. It’s sad that so many people choose a druggie life instead of a clean life. Do druggies even think of quitting drugs? Well recently I’ve been consoling druggies in my town and more than 95% of them have admitted that they don’t want this life. But unfortunately, the more they try, the harder it become to quit. To top it, society is not of much help to them, such as denying employment, not ready to mingle and so on.

Coming to the point, why druggies have greater chances of getting a heart stroke, well the facts are simple. But let me make it clear that this article is 100% non-scientific. It’s purely based on self-experience.

  1. Money plays a very, very, very important part in giving a druggie a heart attack. Since most druggies are not pouring-rich (even if they are, most manage to get themselves broke because of lack of investment), they worry a lot about how to manage their next dose, the moment they pop that pill, inject or sniff.
  2. Are you into needles! If yes then, dude you’re in serious trouble. Besides the pressure that you get from arranging money for the next dose, you will also have a tough time finding veins to shoot your next dose. That’s right, druggies who are into needles need to shoot the drug in their veins in order to get high and every time they shoot, a vein disappears. A time will come when they won’t have any vein to show. So right after shooting their dose, many druggies worry about where to shoot next time (Stories are there, where druggie shoot drug in the veins of their balls, letting them to death).
  3. That’s not all, there is also a bonus, druggies into needles also worry that they might shoot it in the wrong vein, which means there are two types of veins and if you shoot in the wrong one, you might even lose your life.
  4. If you are living in a small town like me, where almost everyone knows everybody, you will have an extra tension of getting you house raid by various social worked and local administration, anytime.

I can keep the list going on but before I put you to sleep, let me put a full stop here. Incase, if you are wondering how I know all this, well I was a hardcore druggie for three years, but thanks to my GF (soon to be wife) helped me quit it. Please feel free to share your tips or experiences as a comment!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pork Brain For Christmas! YUk yet Mouthwatering

This Christmas was wild. Wild in the sense that I had something that I’ve always feel disgusted yet enjoyed every bit of it. Yeah, I had a blast but what really stand out this Christmas was, last night I had this pork brain dish. Sounds disgusting and gross right! But don’t judge it by the name.

Let me start from the beginning. Me and my buddies, we have this tradition of hosting dinner party at Christmas Night, turn by turn. This Christmas, it was Akum's turn. Akum is from a small town in the North Eastern Part of India, a true Metal Head and my best friend. In his part of the town this dish is a treat. He told me that they cook this dish only on very special occasion and since this was the first time, he decided to treat us with this disgustingly delicious dish. Though there were variety of option but this one really stand on.

Yeah we all had it. Not because we are adventurous but because he drove some 200miles just for this stuff. Seriously hard work must be appreciated. No doubt two of my buddies puked to their heart content but I was not one of them. To be honest, it was very tough for me to take that first bite. But you know what, it was one of the most delicious, the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. The way he cooked it was so unique. It was spicy, hot and mouthwatering (Writing about this is making my mouth watery)

Here are some pictures of what I had this Christmas:
This was how it looked before cooking

THE BRAIN Plus other stuffs before cooking

This was after cooking. Doesn't this look mouthwatering.

No this is no way related to Brain.. Another one of his pork dishes
My Favorite, My Plate, Smoked Beef!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Tree Climbers in My House

No am not lazy, am super lazy. My GF always complains about ‘how I keep my house’. Starting from its just a two bedroom apartment, how come you cannot even manage to keep it clean. Sometimes she even goes to the point of saying that the military should come and research the smell of my place, may be they can discover some really dangerous chemicals that would really help advance chemical warfare. She is also against the idea of my sis leaving her kids at my place. Not because she hates kids, but she is worried that they (the kids) might get lost in the pile of clothes, books and DVDs.

Well am announcing that my room is not only 100% safe and healthy buts it’s also very organic. To top its, my niece and my nephew loves my place more than Mc Donald. You know why, because they can do whatever they want in my crib. I admit that sometimes my two angels can be very annoying but whatever they do I find it cute. For example: I have this plastic Christmas tree that I bought three years back. Reason why I bought it, I don’t have to shop for Christmas tree every year, no need to waste time and energy decorating your tree because after the season ends I store the tree full decorated as it is in my store room, though covered.

Well coming to my point, yesterday my sis and her husband went to visit her in-laws place so she asked me to look after my two angels till they return. Though I’ve decided that this year I won’t be lighting my tree (to save electricity, doing my part in saving the planet) but since my two angels were here I though I’ll cheer them up with my Christmas tree. I braved my way to the store room, took the tree out and clean it.

Everything was clam and cool till I went inside the kitchen to cook dinner. As I was busying cooking, I heard funny some sounds so I went to check what was happening. I found my Christmas tree was broken into two pieces. Still not sure I asked Dylan (the older) what happened, he told me that Venice (Dylan’s sis) tried to climbed the tree and as she was half way up, the tree could not take here weight and it broke.

For the first time, I scolded them both, explained the hazards and what could have happened. Am so happy that I did not plug in the lights, or else….! Now things are back to normal…still I feel something funny as they are over polite and helpful this morning. By the way Dylan is 8 and Venice is 6.

Do You Guys find this room Dirty-------------------->

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Top Three Female Bloggers

Yeah your heard it right! This post is for the three most exciting, funny and entertaining female blogger. No, am not writing this to get their attention nor am I attracted to them. No doubt, I cannot deny the fact that they are all very beautiful and sexy but what really unique about them is the way they write. Mandy (my GF) if you are reading this blog, you are more beautiful and sexier than all of them.

So here are the lists:

1. The Daily Blonde: The Daily Blonde (A.K.A. the sweet girl next door with a hint of sarcasm) is where you should be heading if you looking for a serious butt kicking blog. Blessed with a train load of sense of humor, very creative, super witty and ultra-sexy + gorgeous, my list without the Daily Blonde would be like a salt less pork dish.

2. Holy Mackerel: Funny, entertaining and very straight forward, Holy Mackerel has been a favorite among our buddies since the last two months. If you read her post such as the My Hair Is Emo & My Husband Is Blind and Meet Nanaimo, you will know why her blog is listed here.

3. My Life in Suburbia: The best thing about ‘My Life in Suburbia’ is, you will find it very straight forward, straight from the heart, and very original. Whether she is describing about herself, about an incident or just about anything, you will find her posts hilarious and honest.

Guys what are you waiting for, go and browse these blogs. I guarantee that sooner or later you will get addicted to these blogs…..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Be Wise in What you are gifting Your Teenager!

If I was a teenager in 2008, I could have been a different person pursuing a different career, instead of blogging. Though some conditions applies. With the right Christmas gift at the right year, I could have been famous (I think). So here are some stuffs that would have made me famous, if only those stuffs were available when I was in my teens, plus if my folks decides to gift me on Christmas:

IPod: With an IPod, I guess nothing could have stopped me from becoming a music critic. Such clarity, anybody with one of these can seriously judge music.

Xbox 360: Mario and Contra were the super games when I was in my teens. Seriously the term profession gamer was not born that time. Kids with access to a Xbox 360 have scope in the gaming world. Believe it or not, gamer earns a lot these days.

A guitar: Yeah guitars were there when I was a teen but my folks never find it necessary to gift me one of these super cool guitar. I guess they even regret their decision of buying me an encyclopedia instead of a guitars. Because with a guitar I could have been him ----------------------->

Dirt Biker: I have always dreamed of becoming a daredevil dirt biker, but the closest I’ve even been was with my BMX.. I Know with a BMX we can earn name and fame but the thrill of free flying on a dirt mike is incomparable.

So if you have teenagers in your home, this Christmas be wise in choosing what you are giving them. This could Christmas gift may even change their whole life..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

7 Things you Should Never Gift your GF or Wife

(Before reading any further this article is strictly for MALE ONLY!)
Christmas is round the corner and have you decided what you are buying for your girlfriend or wife? As a male, I know your problem. Buying a gift for the female group can be the toughest thing for a male. Whether it’s her birthday, anniversary or any special occasion that requires you to buy her a gift, am sure many of us have a tough time deciding what to buy.

This article is based on my personal experience and guys if you are planning to buy her a Christmas gift please avoid these gifts. Unless you are on the verge of a break up or divorce!

1. Forget that cheap cologne or else you will end up spending your Christmas alone.

2. Never give here tool, even if it’s the latest wireless Framing Nailer.

3. She loves reading. But forget that diet cook book that you are planning to buy her.

4. Girls love chocolates, but once they reach 16, they like chocolates with heavy price tags.

5. Don’t even think of gifting a year's subscription to Playboy magazine.

6. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but fake diamonds are not.

7. Though she likes to trash you up but never want a DVD collection of World Wrestling Federation as a Christmas Gift or any occasion gift.

Head out to the mall, markets and shopping centers, and hunt for that gift. Good luck and all the best… Oh shit.. I have to think what I should buy for my GF this Christmas. Please share if there are anymore items that we guys need to avoid as a comment.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Was Your New Year Resolution a Success?

What was your last New Year resolution? Am sure many of us must have made lots of plans for this year. I wonder exactly how may must have followed their last New Year resolution strictly. Well if you asked me about my last year’s resolution and to what extend I have tried to follow them? My answer would be am not sure. I have to admit that though I have tried, but I could not and it was not only my fault. Fate played a major role.

Here is what I have planned last New Year’s eve:

  1. Travel to at least two places I have never been.
  2. Quit or at least try to reduce smoking
  3. Kick my habit of using recreational drugs (I use em occasionally)
  4. Appreciated jazz, blues and classical music
  5. Reduce the quantity of booze
  6. Play my part in making this world a better place
  7. Learn how to play the double bass drum like a true black metal drummer

This is what I have done this year:
  1. Spend 432 hours at office, working my ass off to pay the bills.
  2. Traveled more than 5000 kilometers ( From my home to my work place)
  3. Increased four cigarettes sticks (increased from 8 sticks a day to 12 sticks a day)
  4. I feel I cannot work until I have my recreational drugs
  5. Now, I feel that I haven’t spent the weekend properly unless I get drunk.
  6. Worried about the war in Iraq.
  7. Worried about the descending economy condition
  8. Worried about the number of people going jobless, because multi-national companies have reduces jobs
  9. Shared my views about Obama in my favorite watering hole (positive views)
  10. I have become a hardcore black metal fan
  11. I hate classical, jazz and blues
  12. Learned to play double bass drum like a blazing machine gun

After this researched, now I feel that even though I could not make all my resolutions come true but am happy that I still tried and played my part.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Funniest Email I have Ever Read!

I Know I should writing about travel, travel tips. I even know that this post has nothing to do with travel but I can’t stop from sharing. Recently a friend of mine just email me this and I spend at least an hour laughing my heart out. Guys am sharing this with you. Hope you like it!
• U can study and get any certificates. But you cannot get your death certificate

• You can become an engineer if u study in a engineering college. You cannot become a president if u studies in Presidency College

• You can expect a BUS from a BUS stop .. You cannot expect a FULL from FULL stop

• A mechanical engineer can become a mechanic but a software engineer cannot become a software.

• You can find tea in teacup. But cannot find world in world cup

• You can find keys in Keyboard but u cannot find mother in motherboard.