Monday, December 22, 2008

Be Wise in What you are gifting Your Teenager!

If I was a teenager in 2008, I could have been a different person pursuing a different career, instead of blogging. Though some conditions applies. With the right Christmas gift at the right year, I could have been famous (I think). So here are some stuffs that would have made me famous, if only those stuffs were available when I was in my teens, plus if my folks decides to gift me on Christmas:

IPod: With an IPod, I guess nothing could have stopped me from becoming a music critic. Such clarity, anybody with one of these can seriously judge music.

Xbox 360: Mario and Contra were the super games when I was in my teens. Seriously the term profession gamer was not born that time. Kids with access to a Xbox 360 have scope in the gaming world. Believe it or not, gamer earns a lot these days.

A guitar: Yeah guitars were there when I was a teen but my folks never find it necessary to gift me one of these super cool guitar. I guess they even regret their decision of buying me an encyclopedia instead of a guitars. Because with a guitar I could have been him ----------------------->

Dirt Biker: I have always dreamed of becoming a daredevil dirt biker, but the closest I’ve even been was with my BMX.. I Know with a BMX we can earn name and fame but the thrill of free flying on a dirt mike is incomparable.

So if you have teenagers in your home, this Christmas be wise in choosing what you are giving them. This could Christmas gift may even change their whole life..


  1. You know, I never thought about gifts like that before.

    Maybe my 7 year old boy will grow up to be a professional skateboarder......we'll see!

  2. I remember a days it's amazing at what kids have
    Wonder what their kids will be wishing for?

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  3. plus they say kids that are good at video games make great surgeons. something to do with hand-eye coordination it builds.

  4. Suh-weet, Rychelle! My kids should be raking in the dough one day then, and then they can support MY old ass!

  5. Cool post!! Loved the guitar part!

  6. Even me i feel the same. I could have been a rock star if my folks have gifted me a guitar.. Anyway loved the post!


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