Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Was Your New Year Resolution a Success?

What was your last New Year resolution? Am sure many of us must have made lots of plans for this year. I wonder exactly how may must have followed their last New Year resolution strictly. Well if you asked me about my last year’s resolution and to what extend I have tried to follow them? My answer would be am not sure. I have to admit that though I have tried, but I could not and it was not only my fault. Fate played a major role.

Here is what I have planned last New Year’s eve:

  1. Travel to at least two places I have never been.
  2. Quit or at least try to reduce smoking
  3. Kick my habit of using recreational drugs (I use em occasionally)
  4. Appreciated jazz, blues and classical music
  5. Reduce the quantity of booze
  6. Play my part in making this world a better place
  7. Learn how to play the double bass drum like a true black metal drummer

This is what I have done this year:
  1. Spend 432 hours at office, working my ass off to pay the bills.
  2. Traveled more than 5000 kilometers ( From my home to my work place)
  3. Increased four cigarettes sticks (increased from 8 sticks a day to 12 sticks a day)
  4. I feel I cannot work until I have my recreational drugs
  5. Now, I feel that I haven’t spent the weekend properly unless I get drunk.
  6. Worried about the war in Iraq.
  7. Worried about the descending economy condition
  8. Worried about the number of people going jobless, because multi-national companies have reduces jobs
  9. Shared my views about Obama in my favorite watering hole (positive views)
  10. I have become a hardcore black metal fan
  11. I hate classical, jazz and blues
  12. Learned to play double bass drum like a blazing machine gun

After this researched, now I feel that even though I could not make all my resolutions come true but am happy that I still tried and played my part.