Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Top Three Female Bloggers

Yeah your heard it right! This post is for the three most exciting, funny and entertaining female blogger. No, am not writing this to get their attention nor am I attracted to them. No doubt, I cannot deny the fact that they are all very beautiful and sexy but what really unique about them is the way they write. Mandy (my GF) if you are reading this blog, you are more beautiful and sexier than all of them.

So here are the lists:

1. The Daily Blonde: The Daily Blonde (A.K.A. the sweet girl next door with a hint of sarcasm) is where you should be heading if you looking for a serious butt kicking blog. Blessed with a train load of sense of humor, very creative, super witty and ultra-sexy + gorgeous, my list without the Daily Blonde would be like a salt less pork dish.

2. Holy Mackerel: Funny, entertaining and very straight forward, Holy Mackerel has been a favorite among our buddies since the last two months. If you read her post such as the My Hair Is Emo & My Husband Is Blind and Meet Nanaimo, you will know why her blog is listed here.

3. My Life in Suburbia: The best thing about ‘My Life in Suburbia’ is, you will find it very straight forward, straight from the heart, and very original. Whether she is describing about herself, about an incident or just about anything, you will find her posts hilarious and honest.

Guys what are you waiting for, go and browse these blogs. I guarantee that sooner or later you will get addicted to these blogs…..