Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Tree Climbers in My House

No am not lazy, am super lazy. My GF always complains about ‘how I keep my house’. Starting from its just a two bedroom apartment, how come you cannot even manage to keep it clean. Sometimes she even goes to the point of saying that the military should come and research the smell of my place, may be they can discover some really dangerous chemicals that would really help advance chemical warfare. She is also against the idea of my sis leaving her kids at my place. Not because she hates kids, but she is worried that they (the kids) might get lost in the pile of clothes, books and DVDs.

Well am announcing that my room is not only 100% safe and healthy buts it’s also very organic. To top its, my niece and my nephew loves my place more than Mc Donald. You know why, because they can do whatever they want in my crib. I admit that sometimes my two angels can be very annoying but whatever they do I find it cute. For example: I have this plastic Christmas tree that I bought three years back. Reason why I bought it, I don’t have to shop for Christmas tree every year, no need to waste time and energy decorating your tree because after the season ends I store the tree full decorated as it is in my store room, though covered.

Well coming to my point, yesterday my sis and her husband went to visit her in-laws place so she asked me to look after my two angels till they return. Though I’ve decided that this year I won’t be lighting my tree (to save electricity, doing my part in saving the planet) but since my two angels were here I though I’ll cheer them up with my Christmas tree. I braved my way to the store room, took the tree out and clean it.

Everything was clam and cool till I went inside the kitchen to cook dinner. As I was busying cooking, I heard funny some sounds so I went to check what was happening. I found my Christmas tree was broken into two pieces. Still not sure I asked Dylan (the older) what happened, he told me that Venice (Dylan’s sis) tried to climbed the tree and as she was half way up, the tree could not take here weight and it broke.

For the first time, I scolded them both, explained the hazards and what could have happened. Am so happy that I did not plug in the lights, or else….! Now things are back to normal…still I feel something funny as they are over polite and helpful this morning. By the way Dylan is 8 and Venice is 6.

Do You Guys find this room Dirty-------------------->