Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Druggies Have More Chances of Getting a Heart Attack

A druggie life is no bed of roses. It’s sad that so many people choose a druggie life instead of a clean life. Do druggies even think of quitting drugs? Well recently I’ve been consoling druggies in my town and more than 95% of them have admitted that they don’t want this life. But unfortunately, the more they try, the harder it become to quit. To top it, society is not of much help to them, such as denying employment, not ready to mingle and so on.

Coming to the point, why druggies have greater chances of getting a heart stroke, well the facts are simple. But let me make it clear that this article is 100% non-scientific. It’s purely based on self-experience.

  1. Money plays a very, very, very important part in giving a druggie a heart attack. Since most druggies are not pouring-rich (even if they are, most manage to get themselves broke because of lack of investment), they worry a lot about how to manage their next dose, the moment they pop that pill, inject or sniff.
  2. Are you into needles! If yes then, dude you’re in serious trouble. Besides the pressure that you get from arranging money for the next dose, you will also have a tough time finding veins to shoot your next dose. That’s right, druggies who are into needles need to shoot the drug in their veins in order to get high and every time they shoot, a vein disappears. A time will come when they won’t have any vein to show. So right after shooting their dose, many druggies worry about where to shoot next time (Stories are there, where druggie shoot drug in the veins of their balls, letting them to death).
  3. That’s not all, there is also a bonus, druggies into needles also worry that they might shoot it in the wrong vein, which means there are two types of veins and if you shoot in the wrong one, you might even lose your life.
  4. If you are living in a small town like me, where almost everyone knows everybody, you will have an extra tension of getting you house raid by various social worked and local administration, anytime.

I can keep the list going on but before I put you to sleep, let me put a full stop here. Incase, if you are wondering how I know all this, well I was a hardcore druggie for three years, but thanks to my GF (soon to be wife) helped me quit it. Please feel free to share your tips or experiences as a comment!