Thursday, January 29, 2009

My biggest Mistake! If Only I could Turn Back the Hands of Time

Am so tired of blogging about my health! It sucks to get sick when you are vacationing, especially after two years. I feel that am doomed. Though my health is improving slowly, I just wish it would go away and let me have some damn fun. What really sucks is, I feel so good one moment and within a minute my temperature drops down so low that I feel as if am sitting naked in the North Pole. I can’t risk going out with that problem. The good part is in the last 24 hours I had that North Polish thing only twice. Guess am recovering.

Forget about my health, today I want to share something that has been rotting inside of me for four years. I have done so many things that I regret but nothing can compare to this. There isn’t a single day that this thing hasn’t haunted me. Everyday I wish, if only I could turn back the hands of time!
(This is the longest blog post I have ever written. You may find it boring but please take some time to read it. Am sure you will get to enjoy a glimpse of my life and some mistakes that you dare not make)

My best friend was Ric, he died four years back, 29 April 2005. It was a Friday and our janitor found him dead near our school soccer field. According to the medical report, he died of drug overdose. No one in our town was shocked. Everyone knew he was going to die sooner or later. Ric and I were best of friends since kindergarten. Am an introvert and its tough for me to make new friends, to top it I feel that a person does not need many friend. So in my whole life I had only four friends. I know lots of people but am talking about friend who you can even trust them with your life.

Ric was someone I could trust with my life. My folks never liked him. They were always against us hanging out together. Because we never did anything good, when together. There were times when my folks would just say it straight in his face, not to enter our home. I don’t even blame my folks for their action. After all, getting drunks, getting into street hassles, punk class and drugs were all we could think of when we were together. Ric and I were someone that any parents won’t want their kids to hangout (another reason why I had fewer friends).

We did so many things together both good and bad, though we were mostly into bad! Drugs was one of them. The time we reached 16 we were into painkiller. Gradually we got promoted to higher, tougher drugs. It’s really tough to meet the expenses when you are only 16. We start lifting shops for drugs. Unfortunately one night Ric was caught red handed by cops while lifting a shop. I escape because I was late and Ric could not wait for me and he did by himself. He ended up in Juvenile Correctional Centre for 6 months.

We had such a reputation that there was not even a single soul in our town who haven’t heard about us. We were popular not because we were the hippest kids but because we loved doings whatever we wanted in life. We would punk class, get drunk, do drugs, shop lift, beat up almost everyone who stared at us and the list goes on…

But I don’t regret these deeds. I would give anything to relive those days with some alterations. What I regret is doing drugs and how I ended up teaching my best buddy how to use needles? We were just into pills, but I learned how to inject drugs from a seasoned druggie. I thought my best friend how to use needles. Then irony is I quit drugs some months after I taught him. Just after one year and about two months he died. If I did not taught him he would be alive today. Pills are very harmful but compared to needles its nothing.

The night he died, he came to my place asking me to accompany him to our old school soccer field. He was telling me, we’ll have beer and you can watch me get high. He had this habit of teasing me, when I decided to quit drugs. Even when I was struggling to quit I would still hang out with him (unlike many who would stay away from a druggie) just to test whether I can resist the urge, plus he was my best friend. But I don’t know why I declined his invitation. If only I would have gone with him, he won’t be dead today. That’s what I believe.

I was almost completely clean when he died. After this I decided to completely change my life. It was not that easy. Even today I feel like doing drugs sometimes, but am more wise, strong and brave to say no!

In order to ease my pain and my guilt, I have been working with various social worker in my area to help druggies quit drugs for almost two years. But every time I meet a druggie, he/she remind me of Ric.

So this post is a tribute to my best buddy, a confession and an example to all the druggies out there, who does not know what drugs can do to your life.

(By the way, Ric was 21 when he died. When ever I met his mom she would breakdown, as I remind her of him)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Become a Veggie? HEll No!

Yesterday the doctor did some god knows what medical test on me. The only test that I was familiar was the blood test. Well today I went to get my medical test reports. The doctor was telling me that everything was ok, except that my blood count or rating was low. He told me that there is no specific medicine to prescribe. But he recommended me to stay in bed and drink lots of liquid, like water and fruit juice, plus avoid non-veg.

BUT Avoid non-veg.. How can a tiger eat veggies.. It’s almost impossible. Am a carnivore since birth…Its in my blood..Avoiding meat would be like a crime. I don’t mind drinking lots of liquid, because I drink at least drink two liters of beer in a day, if I try I can increase it to 5 liters of beers in a day.. But come on ‘Become A VEGGIE’….

I tried my best pushing the doctor to find an alternative like drinking more liquid but not to avoid MEAT!! Well there were no alternatives. I even tried bribing him (I read it somewhere that in India you can bribe almost anyone and get away with even the cruelest crime..) But believe me this Doctor was different (maybe the guide book I was reading was written by an idiot). Since I want to get well soon, think I have to obey to what the doctor is recommending.

My three day experience in New Delhi is good, besides my health. You won’t believe this. Last night I met a guy, should say a fellow metal head. Who is a friend of my friend! He came to meet my friend. After chatting with him, he offered me that if I want; he can take me sightseeing on Saturday in his bike… Which mean, if I go sightseeing with this guys, I won’t be spending a single penny on transportation.. But kind of scared as riding a bike on Delhi streets is very risky… People here have very less sense on driving… But the offer is so tempting that I will have to think about it..

Here is a picture of a Gurdwara that i took just ten minutes back from my mobile camera. The Gurdwara is located somewhere between the flat where i am staying and the Clinic. It looks more beautiful in real.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reached New Delhi Safe and Sound But Down on Fever!

Hi everyone! I have reached New Delhi Safe and sound… The flight was not that enjoyable. You know how it feels to fly overnight in economy class? Well let me not bitch about my flight, but thank God that I have reached my destination safely. I reached yesterday…but could not visit any sight as yesterday was a national holiday in India (Republic Day Celebration). Almost everything was closed the whole day.

I was supposed to start my sightseeing from today by thanks to my luck. Am down on fever.. I was having high fever and a bad stomach ache (may be the food that I had last night).My friend took me to the doctor today and the doctor recommended me to take full bed rest for at least three days. He said it’s because of the change in time zone, jet lag and god knows what! Instead of exploring the city am here exploring the TV channels.

The city looks dirty, crowded and polluted but at the same time it’s very exciting and exotic. Very excited to start my exploration.. Praying that I recover fast.

Here are some pictures that I took on the way from the airport to my crib!!!

(A cow taking a morning stroll)

(View of the traffic below from an Overpass)

(Traffic lights: Bad for budget conscious travelers)

P.s Could not upload more pictures because the Internet connection is dropping every freaking minute... Got to find a place with better Internet access.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Hate But Am Glad!

Honestly, I don’t have anything to blog today. My brain is clean dry, empty. So I’ll list some things that I hate but at the same time glad that am a part of that.

My Job sucks but I am glad that I still have a job to support me. I hate my apartment which is a one bed room, half living room and a kitchen so small that you need to apply lubricant to move around but I am glad that I still have a home to shelter me during rainy, sunny, snow and windy days. My salary is ‘peanuts’ but am glad that I am still getting paid. I hate Monday mornings but am glad that am blessed with a fresh new day, unlike those who died while asleep. I hate it when I can’t afford things that I want but am also glad that this has made me realize the value of money. I hate the ongoing war in Gaza but am glad that am not staying in Gaza and the town where I live is thousands of miles away from Gaza. I hate the current economic status but am also glad that am experiencing a glimpse of the great depression and am also glad that I have learned how important it is to safe for rainy days. I hate people who enjoy blowing their own horns but I am glad that this human group has not gone extinct and I am also glad that I do not blow my own horn. I hate paying bills and I am glad that I hate paying bills. I hate myself, whenever I think how I have wasted half of my life on drugs but I am glad that I have learned how precious life is. I hate getting old but I am glad that I am still young. I hate when people kill in the name of god and I am glad that they are getting their ass kicked. I hate the sarcastic smile of my boss but I am glad that he was the person who hired me. I hate rules but I am glad that because of these rules I still have my freedom. I hate when I don’t have anything to blog but am glad that I can visit hundreds of fellow blogger and read their posts.

Let me just stop here before I go crazy talking about things I hate…My flight is schedule for tomorrow at around 5 in the morning. May be i'll reach New Delhi by Sunday afternoon. Till then....
Have a Happy Thursday

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flowers For My Girl!

Valentine Day is less than a month away. Too bad, I won’t be able to spend this year’s V Day with my girl. I hope she understands that and, since we have spent four Valentine Days together I hope she won’t mind. Yeah our relationship is almost 5 years old and with each year, it is becoming better and better like wine. Our five years was no bed of roses, we had our own share of fights, which was mostly because of my ignorance, arrogance and ego..

Last night I was thinking what I should do this Valentine Day? Since I won’t be with her how will I give me a V day gift? Yeah gifts are very important in a relationship. It’s not necessary that you should give expensive stuffs (but sometimes it’s necessary to buy him or her that stuff he/she wants). Whether your gift is just a box of chocolate or a bunch of flowers, what matter is that your gift shows that you care for that person and you remembered that person!

I am not much of a romantic guy. I love my girl but it seems that I have been cursed with this unromantic mentality. What proves my unromantic mentality is, I really feel shy and awkward to buy and carry flowers! Seriously, in my whole life I have bought flowers only once. I know its wrong and I also know that girls love flowers, but I can’t help it. The only time I bought flowers was also a disastrous experience.

Let me share about my flower experience. Turning the hands of time to Feb. 14, 2004, my first Valentine Day with Mandy (my girl).. We got hooked up around first week of February, I was desperate to impress her. Lucky for me Valentine Day was just round the corner. Gathering all my courage, I made it to the nearest flower shop to buy her some flowers. Yeah I bought the flowers, plus a paper bag to carry it. Since I have no prior experiences in flowers, I though a big Archie’s paper bag would be the best way to hide the flowers, plus to avoid any unnecessary damage on the flowers. I was in for a shock when I reached her place. All the flowers were crushed and torn beyond repair. The flowers end up in the trash can. Thank God, that I also bough some chocolates along with the flowers. That V Day was really embarrassing for me.

Later we had a discussion on flowers, she said she was ok. She even said its ok; you don’t have to buy flowers if you feel awkward. Yeah she is very understanding, one of a kind. In our five years together I have never given her flower. But Mandy you know what, this Valentine Day you are in for a surprise.

(Ps. Since I’ll be flying to New Delhi in two days, I have bought 10 bouquets of flowers in advance from a flower shop, which they will deliver it to her place on Valentine day)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heart Vs The Brain? Decide Who you follow!

Do you follow your heart or your brain? I follow my heart. The reasons why I follow my heart are myriads. For instant, if I follow my heart while making a decision I don’t regret it even if that decision proved to be wrong. Because that decision is what I really wanted. I know, human heart has nothing to do with emotions, actions or feelings, but I seriously believe that the heart has a strong connection with our emotions.

If you follow your brain, you are a wise person and in most case, decisions made by brains are pratical and more error free. But I perfer following my heart. Because I am a person who doesn’t not care what the world says, think or do. I live by my rules and if I listen to my brain, it always restricts me from doing stuffs that I really want to do. Since I only get to live once, I want to enjoy this life to the fullest, with no regrets. Imagine, you are almost broke and your favorite band comes to your town or city to perform for the first time. Naturally you heart will insist on seeing that show but your brain will restrict you as you won’t have any bucks after you buy that concert ticket. I know, if you listen to your brain and you will not worry about how you will survive the next day. But you will regret your whole damn life thinking that I should have seen that show after all money comes and go!

(My next point to prove that the heart is wiser than the brain includes examples that are senstive, I request you not to take it personally)

Coming to emotions, think you are in love with a women 10 years older than you. Your brain will sent out signals ordering you to leave that women. Not only signals but reasons why you should leave her. But what your brain does not know is, you like being with mature women, who are wiser than girls of your age and with more experience. As a wise person, you listen to your brain and finally hook up with an oversmart, insenstive, inmature girl of your age.

Talking of practicals, if great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln and so on listened to their brain, the world would have been much different. These great people listened their heart and fought for what they believed, the result, they changed the whole course of human history. If they had followed their brain, they would have never started a revolution as their brain would signal them the consequences of starting a revolution and all the hardship that they would face.

Just one thing, the watch which was invented by brain ticks only 60 times in a minute but your heart beats (average) 70 times a minute….

Monday, January 19, 2009

Do I Have To Do That To be a Gentleman?

Do I have to wear well ironed suit, ties and clean black shoes to be a gentlemen? Hell no! Am not among those who wear suits and ties, who keep their hair well combed and who speaks softly. If according to you, that’s what makes me a gentleman, then, am so sorry, I better not be a gentleman. I have never considered suits, ties, well combed hair, soft vocals, and sentences full of thank you, necessary to make me a gentleman.

I don’t deny that am not a gentleman. I am a gentleman, I care for other fellow humans and try my best to do good thing to other fellow human beings. But I have never considered suits, ties and so on to make me look like a gentleman. Many of you would not agree with me, but why I hate suited people is, they try to hide their imperfections by wear suits and ties.

To me a real gentleman is one who is being himself, not trying to hide who he is and being helpful to people around him. I have seen many so-called gentlemen at the best behavior and manner while he is with the world, but a disgusting devil inside. Unfortunately, these kinds of people are tagged by the world as the real example of gentlemen that we all should follow.

I love wearing black t-shirts with pictures of my favorite bands (I have only t-shirts with my favorite bands) and torn jeans. I don’t like to comb my hair, but I try my best to keep it as clean as I can. I talk very straight forward on what I believe, not diplomatic like those suited gentlemen. If I don’t like something I say it straight away. I also treat women with respect, unlike those many suited gentlemen who keep chains of mistress who are old enough to be their grand daughters. I never feel the need to open doors for the female gender because I don’t find it necessary. Because we are all blessed with two hands to do our own work. But if someone has his/hers hands full, I don’t mind opening the door for them plus giving them a hand. I also don’t mind giving up my seat to seniors and women when am in a bus or in a train.

Even though I have stated being yourself, but this does not includes farting and Burping in public. I love to fart and burp, but I enjoy it when am alone. It’s an entertainment that I don’t want to share when am in public. But whenever am alone, I take full advantage of it. Am sure none can deny that they don’t enjoy this.

I like heavy metal, black band t-shirts, torn jeans and long hair, if it does not makes me a gentleman then I don’t want to be a part of that! You can happily get lost in your world of hypocrisy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I have Finally Planned the Whole Trip! Wheee

Am so excited! Today I have finally confirmed my travel plans. I bought my flight tickets for coming Friday, from a site called, though my friends were very much against this site, I took a risk. Cause their site looks so tempting. But as a wise traveler, I did a brief research on other such sites like expedia and orbits. But I found CheapOair deals the cheapest.

I have more than 50 days to explore India. Last night I was planning, researching on destination. I think I know where I want to go and what I want to see. So here is my travel plan:

1. My first stop will be New Delhi. Here I’ll be spending around two weeks. In Delhi I can visit some historic monuments. I can even take a two day trip from Delhi to Agra, the home of the famous Taj Mahal. Then another two days trip to Jaipur, in Rajasthan.
2. My next stop will be Guwahati, situated in the extreme North East of India and the heart of the region. Though its not a problem for me to enter Guwahati, but entering other states such as Nagaland and Manipur might be a problem. As non-locals need a special permit. But think my friend n New Delhi can arrange that as he has some friend from that part.
3. Bangalore will be a must. There are so many reasons and one of the biggest reason is Iron Maiden will be playing live in Bangalore on February 15 (according to their side) and this is a must watch for me.
4. For god sake, am not going to miss out Goa. The hippest beach destination in India. Am sure many of you must have heard it.
5. Am not quite sure but may be I might even visit Kerala, in the extreme south.

I know my plans are big though I have limited resources to spend. But am not worried. As this time I have figured out everything (thanks to the internet). This time I will be using the train service as much as I can. I have done my laundry but still the house is in a mess. Planning to clean it before I head out…Catch you later….

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am Off to New Delhi Within a Week!!!!

At last….. after 36 cruel f*****G hours, I have finally decided where am heading next week. Well guess what. Am off the India. Next week by today I’ll be in New Delhi, the capital city of India. I have bought my travel plans last night. Thank god, this time I won’t be spending even a single penny on my accommodation.

You heard it right. My accommodations for the whole trip in India is going to be free. No, neither Tama nor pearl has endorse me. I have a fren there in New Delhi. I’ll be staying in his crib for one whole month.

Though I haven’t planned by trip properly, but this time I might visit the extreme north east part of India, states including Nagaland, Assam and Manipur. My friend has been there once and the pictures were simply enchanting. But I also heard that part of India is a bit risky..Anyway I chated with my friend and he told me that he has some friends from that side..

Won’t be writing much today, as I have tons of things to do before I head there. I even don’t have a single clean clothes. Guys, will try to catch up with you all, very soon… May be tomorrow if I can.. Till then, ROCK ON and stay beautiful!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of Delhi's Historic Attractions:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Help me! The gods of Laziness has cursed

Help me! The gods of Laziness has cursed me with their blessing! Lately, for the past two, three weeks I have this urge not to do anything. Every morning I wake up thinking, today I’ll be surely sick and won’t go to work. But again the thought of cooking lunch and dinner force me to drag my ass to my work place. We get free lunch and dinner in our work place. But believe me it sucks and what can you expect when you are getting it for free.

Enough bitching about my work place. Skipping work is not my only problem. I don’t want to clean my house (which I haven’t for almost a month), wash clothes (that too for at least 2 weeks, since I believe that one must wash his own damn clothes instead of washing machines), jamming, hang out with my buddies and so on….(believe me the list is endless).

The only thing I excites me was blogging. But from today am not even getting that kick. I believe am stress out and this might be the reason for my laziness.

Seriously, its been two years I haven’t been on a vacation. Yeah, my work place give us off days on national holidays (the reason why am still working with the same company for the past two years). But apart from that I have never take a day off in two f*****g years.

No matter what I have to take a vacation next month or I’ll go insane. My management don’t have any problems with me taking a month off from my work, since I have worked so hard for two
f*****g years.

I have finally applied for it and my request was granted with ease for a month off from work starting next week. But the problem is, what to I do with this month off. Should I worry that since so many companies are firing their employees, I should not take that break. Because I would definitely hate to find out that am fired when I return from that month vacation. Should I just spend my breaking lying on my couch doing nothing. Should I visit my folks, whom I haven’t seen for three years. Should I travel to a place where I have never been.

Well my brain says, don’t waste your resources on a vacation, as the economy is going to be even worse by my heart longs for a vacation in an exotic destination. As any wise ass would do, i think I’ll follow my heart.

May be I should visit India, though I have been there but was forced to return home, because some ‘towel heads’, pervert Hindu extremist were rioting against the Christian community. Another option is Norway, the birth place of Black Metal. If I travel to Norway, I will not be only experiencing their history, cultures, food and traditions, I can also do some research on black metal.
Anyway.. let me just put a big full stop here….I really don’t have the strength to carry on. BTW, am going to be sick tomorrow as I have to attain a gig!!! Yippeeeee…WOWOW

Monday, January 12, 2009

Inspirations From My Fellow Mature Bloggers

Am neither gay nor a sissy! I just happened to liked them. Yeah recently I have been reading a lot of blog posts, no its not on music nor about Metal, but blogs written and managed by house wives. Seriously their articles are so honest and straight to the point. Unlike blog post written by young fellow female bloggers (they try their best to fake).

I never had the chance to mingle or share my views with more mature women, but reading blog post written by them introduced me to a whole new world. Most of my fellow female bloggers are married bloggers with kids and reading their post showed me a world so fun and exciting yet very tiring and challenging.

Their blog posts never contain articles on boring subjects such as, on latest fashion, cosmetic or jewelry, unlike the articles written by female bloggers of my age (which are quite boring). Besides their exciting contents, I have experience how tough it is to be a mom.

What I have really learned reading their blogs is, they (mature women) are far more better than girls of my age, though there are some exception. They (mature women) have a greater sense of humor, they are very confident, they know how to handle situations and of course they have more experience in most aspect of life. No don’t judge me wrong. Am not a M.I.L.F fan (which everyone knows that it does not means ‘mom I love food’, as according to the daily blonde). Its something that I have observed.

So if you are exciting about these age group, just check out my follower list. I would have listed their blogs here but am too lazy to do that.

Friday, January 9, 2009

For God Sake! My Gods are Selling Novelties!

I without a doubt consider Iron Maiden as the greatest and the best heavy metal band in the world. I respect them a lot. I have memorized almost all their songs including the guitar riffs, bass line, drums and lead breaks.

Iron Maiden songs are the perfect sound track for my life, right from the first Album ‘Iron Maiden’ to their latest ‘A Mater of Life and Death’. Though I consider them as the Gods of Heavy Metal, but I have a problem. Come on for god sake, you guys really have to sell mugs, wine holders (in short novelties) in your website. Its not that you guys are broke, need money for touring, recording and all. You guys (Iron Maiden) are fitly rich with own private jets, then why are you selling novelties in your website.

I won’t have noticed if you were a Emo band, a pop band or a hip hopper, but considering the genre you are playing, I guess selling novelties does not suit you. There is not much metal band in this world who was not inspired by you guys. You guys were the reason for forming hundreds and thousands of metal bands (including our band). You guys bought a new meaning to the word metal.

Mugs, key holders, candle stands, playing cards, belt, buckles and shoes. For metal sake are you guys planning to quit the metal scene and start a gift cum fashion shop.. May be by the middle of this you might just add Eddie face powder, Eddie eye liner, Eddie thongs, Eddie tampons and so on!

No doubt, for any band posters, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts are a must sale for all bands. But novelties! Get a life…….. You guys are the inspiration to millions of hungry metal heads out there.

Sorry If I unknowingly hurt anyone other there with this post. But this was something that I wanted to share for a long time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dolly Parton For My Softer Side

If my band mates know about this, am sure they’ll get pissed off with me. But who care. This is my life and no one can control my free will. Yeah I admit it. I like Dolly Parton. I consider her as a great singer, person and a song writer. I have always enjoyed her songs.

Why am I suddenly writing about Dolly Parton? I know and I am a die hard metal fan but I too have my softer side and my softer side is nuts about her. I cannot deny the fact that she has a voluptuous figure but her voice is simply bewitching. Well the main reason why am writing about here is, last night I was lost in her song ‘Coat of Many Colors’ ( a very personal favorite of mine) when out of the blue my band mates rushed into my room.

They were shocked to see me lost in that song. Their shock let to making fun of me…..I understand their feeling because I have always stated the Manowar phrase ’if you’re not into metal you’re not my friend’. But come on there is a limit to everything. To top it they deleted the song from my pc…..

I was so pissed off last night…we ended up mouth fighting at the top of our voice. I guess some of my neighbors were even scared that there was going to be some blood shed in our apartment. Luckily there was no blood.

It took two case of icy chilled beer to calm us down. Things are back to normal, except I have to search for that again.. hey wait, I can’t even find my Metallica kill em all album.. Guess those asses took em last night!!! Any way its time for me to chill out and read some stuffs about black metal bands.

Guys if you know any site where i can download 'coat of many color' (for free of course), please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Knock You Off Your Socks!

Since I don’t have anything to blog about today, I’ll just write about something that I watched lasted night. Correction, this is not just something! It was a documentary, ‘Global Metal by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen, two of the coolest movie makers in the planet. Man I was blessed. I known it was out one or two years back, but come on, even if its one of the coolest documentaries made on heavy metal, with the current economy, I had to think a zillion times to buy this.

Well my Metal side seduced me mercilessly to buy this DVD yesterday. I had to give in. Global Metal is a value for money DVD, even if you are not a heavy metal fan. Though everything revolves around metal scene in different parts of the globe, but the documentary did not fail to expose the different cultures of various countries and the spirit and the thought of youths. To be honest, if you are a metal fan you will find the first documentary ‘Metal: A Headbanger's Journey’ way better. But ‘Global Metal’ too has its own flavor.

I knew that there were metal heads across the globe but I was shocked to see there were even metal heads in the Middle East, such as Iran, Iraq and UEA. For god sake!! This was so blessing to hear. Middle Eastern youths in black T-shirts with prints or pictures of their favorite metal bands, long hair and the devil’s horn in their, it was quite a sight…. To bad that their government does not even allow music stores to sell metal CDs, leave alone live shows. Their only source is the Internet. Middle Eastern was not the only country. The documentary also covered countries such as India, China, Indonesia and more.

If you are a metal fan, this is a must watch for you. For the record, I was not paid to write about this documentary. I just happened to love it so much.. If you are watching this documentary, be ready , it will knock you off your F*****g socks………..

Monday, January 5, 2009

I was a Die Hard Manowar Fan!

Have you heard Manowar? That 80’s heavy metal band known for writing songs based on Heavy metal genre. I am a big fan of them. I have been a die hard fan of Manowar since early teens and though am a big fan today, things were different back then. Their lyrics and their lifestyle have very important impact on my life, though living their lavish rock n roller life was not included.

I seriously don’t remember when I fall in love with this genre, called ‘Heavy Metal’, but I affectionately blame it to my Dad, plus grateful to him that he introduced me to it. My dad love metal and blues, I still remember when he gifted me the ‘Heaven and Hell’ by Black Sabbath, one of the best metal album ever. No doubt, Black Sabbath stands on the top list of my favorite metal bands. But the way Manowar influenced me was different.

I’ll write about Black Sabbath’s influence in my life some other day. Today I just want to write about Manowar. During my early teens, there wasn’t a single day that I did not wake up to the song ‘Metal Warrior’, from the album ‘The Triumph of Steel’ by Manowar. Metal Warrior would end up playing at least 20 times a day. The reason why I love this song is because of its lyrics, especially the chorus part, which goes:

Now the world must listen to our decree
We don’t turn down for anyone, we do just what we please
Got to make it louder, all men play on ten

If you’re not into metal, you are not my friend

Seriously I believed and followed the line ‘If you’re not into metal, you are not my friend’. The result, I hated people who were not into Metal. I had very few friends back in my school days because of this song (no I don’t regret that I was not popular, am thankful that I was so influenced by this song). There was a time, when I even stopped talking to non-metal heads.

Thinking about this makes me laugh so much, now. I was a very extreme metal-head. Though nothing much has changed now, am still very much into metal, I still have only those friends who were my buddies back in high school, plus blogger friends. But I have become more Liberal towards the different genre of music. But that doesn’t mean that I listen to other genre of music. But today I talk to people who listen to other genre (LOL)..One thing am starting to like country music…

Friday, January 2, 2009

Saving Is Not For Me!

I worked 9 hours a day and 5 days a week, which means I spend 2160 hours with my PC (excluding the time I spend watching movies and playing games). So I’ve decided I won’t be going near the PC for at least two years, since am taking two weeks off from my work. You heard it right. But am not going anywhere. I’ll spend my well deserve two week vacation in my home.

I love traveling and the reason why am staying home is not because I have been to every corner of the planet, seen every towns, villages and cities nor too tired of traveling to new places. The reason is ‘AM BROKE’, dead broke. The most impossible thing for me to do is saving. I don’t know how people manage to save so much. I have been working for the past two years and in these periods I did not save even a single penny. Though I bought a motorcycle which is an Indian Chief Roadmaster (no, not a new one but a used one from a friend), a laptop and a Tama double bass drum pedal, plus some junk clothes.

My job pays me a decent salary plus the incentive plans are excellent but every month I end up lending some bucks from my buddies to meet the month. Yeah am into an investment. Not those related to banks or any organization. My investment is my sis, who is in medical college and believe me it’s not easy to support a medical student. Every month I have to wire here half of my earning and in return I get a good scolding from my sis. Because I always manage to wire her at least a day or a day late……

I would have never agreed to support her, but I don’t want her to waste her life like me. I spend half of my life getting high. Above all she means everything to me. When I was high on drugs, my dad kicked me out of the house after trying to reason with me for zillion of times. Believe me, things could not get worst than that time. No house, no job and no one to help me out. Well that time, my sis would give me her allowance.

Enough of emotional stuffs… I don’t even want to think about those time.. I hope my investment will turn out good. No, I don’t want anything from her. Thank god now I have a job to look after me.. I just pray that my sis will do something good in life.

Guys and please share some tips on saving!!! I really need it!

Happy New Year to all my Blogger Buddies

Happy New Year to all my Blogger Buddies, Yeah am wishing you! Praying that this year will bring peace, prosperity, health and love to you and your family.