Thursday, January 15, 2009

Am Off to New Delhi Within a Week!!!!

At last….. after 36 cruel f*****G hours, I have finally decided where am heading next week. Well guess what. Am off the India. Next week by today I’ll be in New Delhi, the capital city of India. I have bought my travel plans last night. Thank god, this time I won’t be spending even a single penny on my accommodation.

You heard it right. My accommodations for the whole trip in India is going to be free. No, neither Tama nor pearl has endorse me. I have a fren there in New Delhi. I’ll be staying in his crib for one whole month.

Though I haven’t planned by trip properly, but this time I might visit the extreme north east part of India, states including Nagaland, Assam and Manipur. My friend has been there once and the pictures were simply enchanting. But I also heard that part of India is a bit risky..Anyway I chated with my friend and he told me that he has some friends from that side..

Won’t be writing much today, as I have tons of things to do before I head there. I even don’t have a single clean clothes. Guys, will try to catch up with you all, very soon… May be tomorrow if I can.. Till then, ROCK ON and stay beautiful!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of Delhi's Historic Attractions:


  1. Yippee - you're doing it!!! Right on! Enjoy every breathtaking second....!!

  2. Suhhhhhh-weeeeet! Jeez, have fun! And send us a postcard...

  3. Scandy and Lee the Mwob Queen, I'll surely blog about my travel...Lets just hope that everything will go smooth.. because my last visit to India was a very bad experience...

  4. India that sounds cool.. I went there two years back and it was amazing. Though its very hot, smelly and dirty.. Am sure you will enjoy your trip.

  5. India sounds interesting. Though I have never been there. You can check out my blog, am sure you will find some travel tips that might help you...

  6. How are you GETTING THERE for free? So sa-weet! Don't you need a slightly older, more mature, responsible traveling partner? OR you could take ME?!?!

    Have loads of fun!

    Just been lurking for awhile, but love all your comments at the Scandy and Crew site!

    Send postcards!

  7. Hey...just remembered...Scandy and I are attending a "Bollywood" themed fundraiser...

    Would you check out the latest and greatest of India hooker-wear while you're there and take a photo? We loves to dress like Hookers to piss off the snooties at the fundraisers!

  8. Hi, Lush Ess i'll surely do that.. Hookers, hope i don't do anything wrong while taking that picture (LOL).. Will surely do that..
    Post card.. I would love to.. but how..since i don't know where to mail em!


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