Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dolly Parton For My Softer Side

If my band mates know about this, am sure they’ll get pissed off with me. But who care. This is my life and no one can control my free will. Yeah I admit it. I like Dolly Parton. I consider her as a great singer, person and a song writer. I have always enjoyed her songs.

Why am I suddenly writing about Dolly Parton? I know and I am a die hard metal fan but I too have my softer side and my softer side is nuts about her. I cannot deny the fact that she has a voluptuous figure but her voice is simply bewitching. Well the main reason why am writing about here is, last night I was lost in her song ‘Coat of Many Colors’ ( a very personal favorite of mine) when out of the blue my band mates rushed into my room.

They were shocked to see me lost in that song. Their shock let to making fun of me…..I understand their feeling because I have always stated the Manowar phrase ’if you’re not into metal you’re not my friend’. But come on there is a limit to everything. To top it they deleted the song from my pc…..

I was so pissed off last night…we ended up mouth fighting at the top of our voice. I guess some of my neighbors were even scared that there was going to be some blood shed in our apartment. Luckily there was no blood.

It took two case of icy chilled beer to calm us down. Things are back to normal, except I have to search for that again.. hey wait, I can’t even find my Metallica kill em all album.. Guess those asses took em last night!!! Any way its time for me to chill out and read some stuffs about black metal bands.

Guys if you know any site where i can download 'coat of many color' (for free of course), please let me know. Thanks in advance.


  1. You would be surprised how many rock bands have recorded her songs. Dolly is not only a great singer songwriter but a savy business woman who gives back.

    Don't ever be afraid of what people think. It's great that you can expand your interests.

    If you haven't yet, you should travel to her neck of the woods and see the Smoky Mountains. So gorgeous and Dollywood is a hoot.

    Have a wickedly fun Wednesday.

  2. She is a good singer and seems to be a good person too

  3. D.P is so money, baby, & your band mates don't even know it!

  4. Dude you should never change for everyone. Dolly Parton is a cool singer. I too love her

  5. Follow your heart

  6. Love Dolly! and that is my Fav DP song as well

  7. Maybe your neighbors were thinking that 2 doors down, they're laughin' and drinkin' and havin' a partay.....

    DP is tha shizz fo sho! Who couldn't love Dolly?

  8. psssssst. She's damn briliant. Who else can come from NOTHING and be the incredible billionaire that she is?

    Plus, she has written some incredible songs.

    Be proud of your inner Dolly.

    rock on.

  9. Love the title of this blog. Also a big Dolly Parton fan like you. I like a lot of the country rock music also. It seems we have a lot of in common, just separated by generations. I'm an old Hippie rock & roller, used to gig all over, but got out of the traveling band scene just when Metal was coming on, so different tastes there, but I can grok your addictions (smile).

    Good post.

  10. You couldn't have chosen a better singer/person for your softer side. Your band members/friends should be ashamed! I can only tolerate a little heavy metal - this old soul likes blue grass and classic rock. This is part of what makes the world go round!


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