Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heart Vs The Brain? Decide Who you follow!

Do you follow your heart or your brain? I follow my heart. The reasons why I follow my heart are myriads. For instant, if I follow my heart while making a decision I don’t regret it even if that decision proved to be wrong. Because that decision is what I really wanted. I know, human heart has nothing to do with emotions, actions or feelings, but I seriously believe that the heart has a strong connection with our emotions.

If you follow your brain, you are a wise person and in most case, decisions made by brains are pratical and more error free. But I perfer following my heart. Because I am a person who doesn’t not care what the world says, think or do. I live by my rules and if I listen to my brain, it always restricts me from doing stuffs that I really want to do. Since I only get to live once, I want to enjoy this life to the fullest, with no regrets. Imagine, you are almost broke and your favorite band comes to your town or city to perform for the first time. Naturally you heart will insist on seeing that show but your brain will restrict you as you won’t have any bucks after you buy that concert ticket. I know, if you listen to your brain and you will not worry about how you will survive the next day. But you will regret your whole damn life thinking that I should have seen that show after all money comes and go!

(My next point to prove that the heart is wiser than the brain includes examples that are senstive, I request you not to take it personally)

Coming to emotions, think you are in love with a women 10 years older than you. Your brain will sent out signals ordering you to leave that women. Not only signals but reasons why you should leave her. But what your brain does not know is, you like being with mature women, who are wiser than girls of your age and with more experience. As a wise person, you listen to your brain and finally hook up with an oversmart, insenstive, inmature girl of your age.

Talking of practicals, if great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln and so on listened to their brain, the world would have been much different. These great people listened their heart and fought for what they believed, the result, they changed the whole course of human history. If they had followed their brain, they would have never started a revolution as their brain would signal them the consequences of starting a revolution and all the hardship that they would face.

Just one thing, the watch which was invented by brain ticks only 60 times in a minute but your heart beats (average) 70 times a minute….


  1. I follow my heart and instincts most of the time. But the brain does remind me of mistakes from the past to avoid.

    Hope you enjoy the inauguration today. We will be jumping for joy with friends and family!

  2. Cool Post... Am also a heart follower...

  3. If's good to follow your heart but try to listen to your brain sometime... Sometime the brain can send you some really useful signals!

  4. I always find it hard to choose between the two. But I make sure that choosing brain over heart is for the things that should be decided by the brain.. and vice versa.. yes, I have also experienced the concert scenario you stated. And I ended up, following my heart. Now, I'm proud that I was able to see that rock band TWICE! :) This is a nice post, dude. Keep it up! Looking forward hearing your India escapade :)

  5. Ok don't know why my previous comment did not register but hey - tryin agin.

    This post says it all. Puttin your blog in my Free Spirit blogroll, dude. You're sayin' it. Refreshing to see the younger generation carry on the gauntlet.

  6. I follow my penis and do the opposite. That damn thing is always wrong....and my heart of course.

  7. Anonymous21/1/09

    Yup !!! You are right... Life has become more easier for me since I have started following my heart... Now I feel more happy and contented.. You've given nice examples...

  8. You are such a Sweetheart and really fortunate enough to get such an understanding girlfriend...Don't ever let her go..coz..she is not like gals...she is a real woman at heart who understandz that 'Feelings are more important than Flowers'.

    Good Luck for your India visit...


  9. Following my heart has always been my way... but, I can't help but wonder how my life had been, had I followed my brain a few times, lol... the choice is (mostly) ours...

  10. King of New York Hacks Its not wise to follow your penis!

  11. Anonymous1/3/10

    What if follows your heart, it would at least hurt one person, follow your brain, it would max. hurt one person!!

  12. bigmaxic28/6/11

    What if you cannot choose which to follow? The brain is slowly taking over and the best you can do is to make decisions against the brain (rarely aligns with brain choices) and that doesn't any good.

  13. Anonymous21/3/12

    I believe there should be a balance between your heart and mind and in order to do that you must know how to be honest with yourself. You must be comfortable in your own skin, know what you want and what is most beneficial to BOTH SIDES of yourself, but you really should not take risks that will end up causing problems; for example, what was said about wanting to go to the concert yet they had no money, sure the satisfaction is great but the problem is you put yourself in more debt. That is where priorities come in and there needs to be a balance between logic and what you want or you will just end up in trouble.


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