Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up!

Did I tell you that some weeks I won a book give away contest at the Free Spirit. I guess I haven’t. The giveaway took place on March 25, 2009, which was hosted by Mark Phillips. I was among those lucky ones to won a copy of ‘The Resqueth Revolution’. Just some days back I got the book. To be honest, ‘The Resqueth Revolution’ is one of the best thriller novels I have ever read. Although many consider this book as a science fiction horror novel, but I would say this is a hard core thriller novel. It just took me a night to complete the book. If you are a book worm with a taste for thriller, action, suspense and surprises, I would say, ‘The Resqueth Revolution’ is a must for you. You can also grab your own copy here.

The month is almost gone and am dying for salary. Saving is not for me and I always face trouble by the end of every month. Let me not start on saving. Here is a picture that I took on my pay day….

I also bought a steel horse (sort of).. Actually you can call it a steel horse as its only a 125 cc bike designed as a cruise bike... But am satisfied with what i can afford. Its a Yamaha Enticer, with a single engine, not a twin V engine. Anyway am pretty happy with this bike, after all the whole point of me buying this horse is to get me from point A to Point b, plus avoid the daily negotiation with taxi drivers and Autos (99.9% of them are assh**es). This horse gives a mileage of nearly around 30 miles for 1 liter of petrol. Its super economy. Now I can spend my transportation money somewhere else.

The traffic here in New Delhi is awesome. I can guarantee you that most extreme sports lovers would think twice before riding a bike here in Delhi. Right now am riding at around 40-50 kilometers per hour...

Friday, April 24, 2009

It Ain't A Big Dream To Ask

How are you guys doing? Am feeling much better today! Thank God it was nothing serious. I went to the Doc and returned with a truck load of medicines. The Doc told me, it was nothing serious, only my lungs, liver and kidney were not functioning as they were suppose to. Right now am banned from smoking, alcohol (including beer), spicy and oily food. Thanks God again, he did not mention non-veg. Can’t live without meat! I am a tiger, and how can a tiger live on grass. Anyway even if he did not ban me from having meat, I know I’ll be having a tough time figuring out my diet as in India there isn’t a single damn dish that isn’t oily or spicy.

As the saying goes ‘an empty mind is a devil’s playground’, so I have tried my best to keep my mind occupied with stuffs, good stuffs. The whole week I was thinking and trying to figure out how in the world I ended up being a corporate slave. Where I have to spend my life in the confined four walls of the corporate world doing the same damn thing over and over again everyday? I have never wanted this life. I have always dreamed of a carefree life, where I get to do different stuffs everyday. I have always dreamed of a career that would pay me for doing what I like, a career that would let me work my own way with none supervising me nor me supervising none.

If you are thinking that I want a career with a job tag such as a CEO of a multi national company, the President of a country or a governor of a state, well you are wrong. I have a very humble dream career, something like this. A humble, Rock Star with some five or six multi platinum albums, all listed on the top five of the billboard. An eight digit weekly salary cheque, a small house in the Caribbean surrounded by some three or four acres of lush gardens with view of the ocean from all sides. A small private jet to take me here and there, some porches, Lamborghini and Ferrari sports cars to take me to the grocery store. To keep me away from bore dome, some bunnies from the center fold would be just fine for me. Its not a big dream. No one’s dream can be as humble as mine. I am not asking much, all I want is my humble dream to come true.

Enough of bullshitting! Life is to short to be wasted regretting. Weekend is almost here. Let me first have some fun and then plan my life before it’s too late.

(P.S: Any suggestion on how I can achieve my dream is most welcome)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everythin is Cool Here, Except

This must be one of the worst weekends. Everything is fine except I was having temperature the whole weekend, plus acute chest pain. I guess I was have high temperature is because of the sudden change of weather here in Delhi. Guys its 40 degree Celsius (104 °F) here in New Delhi. For the chest pain, I suspect its because of my past life.. As you all know I was a drug abuser plus I used to dope like hell.. I guess I am having those problems because of my fucked pass year (sorry for the foul language)

Saturday and Sundays were hell. I could hardly get out of my bed. Though I still am not felling well, I came to work. Just minutes after I reached work, the pain started again. I have taken half day off from my work. Am waiting for my cab to pick me up.. I guess I’ll be visiting a doctor today.

Since I have no mood of shouting out my views today, I’ll leave you guys with some pictures of the neighborhood where am staying.. It’s one of those low cost neighborhoods but its exciting as hell… Here it goes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pictures of New Delhi India Part 2

Ok..Am sorry… I have been a bad blogger. I deserve to be spanked. I promise from now on I won’t go missing for two, three days without posting a damn thing..

Work place is becoming more hectic. More and more tasks are being loaded over our already over loaded scheduled. I guess they are taking full advantage of our service, making full use of the money they are paying us.. Anyway, nothing comes for free… Who in the world get paid for doing nothing (How I wish I could be like those guys in Twitter who use to DM me every day about how they made millions working from home). This is life and I should be glad I still have a job (even though it sucks from the bottom to the top) to feed me.

As promised, I am going to post ‘My Tour of New Delhi Pictures-Part 2’. Today I’ll try to add some spice to the pictures by add some information about these places. Here it goes:

New Delhi Railway Museum: A Miniature Train on Diaplay

--> Delhi Railway Museum: The Monorail steam train

Delhi Railway Museum: Another Exhibit

Delhi Railway Museum: A visitor checking out one of the exhibit trains displayed on the grounds of the Museum.

New Delhi Railway Museum: An Electric Locomotive on Display

This is Rajpath the ceremonial avenue of India. The buildings visible is Rastrapati Bhava, the official residence of the President of India.

View of Rajpath from India. The green Lawns are very popular among family picnickers

The Qutb Minar: This is the world's tallest brick minaret. Built in 1193 under the orders of India's first Muslim ruler Qutb-ud-din Aibak and was completed in 1386 by Firuz Shah Tughluq.

The Qutb Minar is 72 meters high (237.8 ft) with 379 steps leading to the top. The diameter of the base is 14.3 meters wide while the top floor measures 2.75 meters in diameter.

The pillar enclosed by fence is the famous Iron Pillar of Delhi. It is one of the world's foremost metallurgical curiosities. According to belief, anyone who can encircle the entire column with their arms, with their back towards the pillar, can have their wish granted. To bad, visitors are not allowed to do that at present or else i could have wished for a small mansion in the Bahamas, a small private jet, some playboy bunnies, an American chopper and some swanky sports car (LOL).

Humayun Tomb: The tomb of Humayun was built by the orders of Hamida Banu Begum, Humayun's widow. The construction took 8 years to complete.

Humayun Tomb Garden: The tomb grounds features a Persian-style garden which is the first of its kind in the South Asia region.

View of the Humayun Tomb Garden

(P.S: Part 3 is on its way)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Pictures of Delhi Part-1

Weekend was good. Its was restful... Spend my two days off from the battle field discovering myself. Come on.. i mean Discovering my inner self.. Not discovering myself... You know.. I did some shopping.. may be this was the second time i went out for shopping since i got here..Am a total anti-shopper..

Enough of all these craps.. Today I'll share some pictures of historic and cultural attractions that i took while exploring this fascinating city called Delhi... Scroll down to enjoy it!

This is Lotus Temple or Bahá'í House of Worship. This temple serves as the Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent.

So sorry the pictures are not that clear.. This proves that i have no talent in taking pictures.

Rajghat: The Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi. This is the ultimate place to pay your respect to the great Mahatma Gandhi

Rajghat: The black marble platform marks the spot of Gandhi's cremation on 31 January, 1948. It is left open to the sky while an eternal flame burns perpetually at one end.

Red Fort: The entrance of Red Fort or Lal Qil'ah. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1639 A.D, the Red FOrt is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

View of Red Fort: The Moment i saw the Fort, i felt as if i was transported to medieval India. This fort is among one of the most amazing historic attractions i have even seen in my life.

Red Fort: View from the Road

Jantar Mantar: Built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur, during the min 17th century, Jantar Mantar consists of 13 architectural astronomy instruments and was used to observe and predict the movements of the sun, moon and planet.

View of Jantar Mantar from the top of one of the pillars which were once an instrument. Did i tell you that this placed was packed with hookers.. (just for the record)

Las but not the least, this is India Gate. One of the largest war memorials in India, this magnificent landmark was built in honor of the members of the erstwhile British Indian Army who lost their lives fighting for the Indian Empire in World War I and the Afghan Wars.

After India's independence, India Gate became the site of the Indian Army's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, known as the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Guys that's all for today... But i promise I'll publish more picture in y the Part 2. You heard it right. I have decided to post pictures of my trip once in a week under the title 'My Pictures of Delhi'..