Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Has Been a Spiritual Weekend for Me

This weekend has been a spiritual weekend for me. Am glad I had the chance to experience it. On Saturday I went to a Hindu temple with a friend. I have never been to a Hindu temple and this was my first time. Though it was a bit noisy with every one try to hit the bells, but the ambiance of the temple was amazing. The smell of incense sticks burning, fascinating statues of gods and goddess, it was really an experience.

Sunday was even better. After such a long time (I can’t even remember the last time I attend a church service) I attend a Sunday service. The church was around half an hour drive from my place. The church was somewhat or sort of located right next to the entrance of the President of India. I feel good after attending a church service after such a long time. I had enough time to mediated on what was going on my life, where am heading. It was like ‘finding yourself all over again’. The service started with praise and worship, and there was this song called ‘ You are the Alpha and Omega’, which stirred a storm inside of me. No.. Nothing sort of that happened, if you are thinking I was touched by the holy spirit and I suddenly started shouting in Hebrew. Listening to the song made me realize that I should not mess up with ‘THE BOSS’ , how ungrateful I have been, how I have drifted away from me. All these thoughts almost brought tears to my eyes.
I am a Christian by birth not by choice. I have never cared much for Christianity or any religion. But thinking now, am realizing how ignorant I have been. Anyway I was, am and never have been very good with sharing God’s word, I’ll just stop here.

Here are some pictures that I took during the weekend. Hope you will like it.

The temple which i visited on Saturday

Statue of Gandhi: Located on the way to the Church

I seriously don't know how this kid ended up in this picture.

View of the church from the lawn. This is the Cathedral Church of Redemption built around late 1920 by.

I did not attend the service of this church. There is a small church which is located inside this church property, i attend that church.

This is the back entrance of the residence of the President of India. The entrance is located opposite to the church gate.

Two pigeons trying to get jiggy with each other.

P.s: I have finally moved in to my new apartment. A bit hot but its great. There isn't a single joint in my body, a single muscle and a single hair (including those) that does not hurt..

Friday, May 8, 2009

SPANK Me! I have been a Bad Blogger

I have been a very bad blogger. It’s been days since I have updated my blog. But before you come to a conclusion, please hear my ALIBI. These past two weeks were HELL for me at work. Deadlines and more deadlines to be met. Not satisfied with my alibi, you can go ahead and SPANK me!

Yesterday we got an unexpected day off from work. Thanks to the Delhi Government who decided that the parliament election would be held on a week day not a weekend. Getting day off on unexpected days are so me. I feel that a day off on a working day is more enjoyable than the off I get on weekends. I don’t know how you feel but I consider these kinds of offs more special that the one I am entitled with.

As a wise corporate slut I took full advantage of my day off. I visited some old buddies, went out for a long ride on my horse and then partied with some buddies. Though I have been recommended to stay away from alcohol for sometime but come on, some bottles of beer won’t do much harm. After all, its almost two weeks I haven’t boozed. Enough of my bullshits.. I’ll leave you with some pictures I took last night with some buddies after a light drinking session. Unfortunately, there is not even a single photo that has picture of me as I was the one who was clicking away.