Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Has Been a Spiritual Weekend for Me

This weekend has been a spiritual weekend for me. Am glad I had the chance to experience it. On Saturday I went to a Hindu temple with a friend. I have never been to a Hindu temple and this was my first time. Though it was a bit noisy with every one try to hit the bells, but the ambiance of the temple was amazing. The smell of incense sticks burning, fascinating statues of gods and goddess, it was really an experience.

Sunday was even better. After such a long time (I can’t even remember the last time I attend a church service) I attend a Sunday service. The church was around half an hour drive from my place. The church was somewhat or sort of located right next to the entrance of the President of India. I feel good after attending a church service after such a long time. I had enough time to mediated on what was going on my life, where am heading. It was like ‘finding yourself all over again’. The service started with praise and worship, and there was this song called ‘ You are the Alpha and Omega’, which stirred a storm inside of me. No.. Nothing sort of that happened, if you are thinking I was touched by the holy spirit and I suddenly started shouting in Hebrew. Listening to the song made me realize that I should not mess up with ‘THE BOSS’ , how ungrateful I have been, how I have drifted away from me. All these thoughts almost brought tears to my eyes.
I am a Christian by birth not by choice. I have never cared much for Christianity or any religion. But thinking now, am realizing how ignorant I have been. Anyway I was, am and never have been very good with sharing God’s word, I’ll just stop here.

Here are some pictures that I took during the weekend. Hope you will like it.

The temple which i visited on Saturday

Statue of Gandhi: Located on the way to the Church

I seriously don't know how this kid ended up in this picture.

View of the church from the lawn. This is the Cathedral Church of Redemption built around late 1920 by.

I did not attend the service of this church. There is a small church which is located inside this church property, i attend that church.

This is the back entrance of the residence of the President of India. The entrance is located opposite to the church gate.

Two pigeons trying to get jiggy with each other.

P.s: I have finally moved in to my new apartment. A bit hot but its great. There isn't a single joint in my body, a single muscle and a single hair (including those) that does not hurt..


  1. Awesome pics! Yeah I think a lot of people take their religion for granted. And I really love to see tht gandhi statue in real life.

  2. Bro i can't comment anything on Religion. But The pictures are amazing... Totally awesome.

  3. We try our best to hide from GOD. Happy to hear that you are trying to get closer with the ultimate boss. Thanks for sharing the picture. The church looks simply amazing

  4. Great Pics... Seems you enjoyed exploring your spiritual side... Even I had been very ignorant towards god and prayers, but since last few years, I have realized the importance of remembering GOD.

    And yeah, congratulations for your new apartment. Finding a good place to live is very tough these days. Do post some pics of your apartment when you are done with all the settings..

    And take care of all those joints, muscle and hairs (including those)... LOL :)

    Hey grab some pain killer..

  5. Girl Next Door thanks.
    Am taking special painkillers for hairs (including those).

  6. Rory,
    The gandhi statue is awesome. You have to see it with your naked eyes to truly appreciate it

  7. Amazing pictures. The church looks so historic... Thanks for sharing.

  8. We should try not to mess with the boss. We are just mere humans... Good to hear you finding your inner self. Love the pictures

  9. Its been so long i haven;t been to chirch.. Think i will this sunday

  10. Hey, thanks for following my blog. It's still under construction while I add bands, photos, and videos, but I'm working on it! It should be done somewhat soon!

  11. As a former Zen student I went with my Zen Master to many temples. The deep spiritual heaviness in the air was unmistakable. Great photos - glad you had this experience. Hope your aches and pains go away quickly and you enjoy your new apartment. :)

    The Old Silly with the Groovy Old Hippie Blog

  12. I always enjoy visiting your blog...lots of good photos!!! will be great to have that same experience of relaxing like that on a weekend!! lol!!
    YOu rock!!

  13. This is really nice. Cool. Glad you had the chance.

    hahaha. That kid is cute

  14. Hi, A.K.!

    Your photos are always so amazing!
    So...let me get this straight: are you saying that you are finally coming back to the Lord? Because if you are, then I will join with the angels in heaven and rejoice, as the prodigal son returns home to the Father!

    Do you know how happy you have made me AND the Lord? Just in time, too, for the end times are near. I have been praying for you--this is AMAZING! Praise God!

    In His Love,

  15. Cynde L. Hammond glad you enjoyed the photos. Yeah am coming home, back to my Father. Its not easy but I will surely return home.

  16. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic but don't subscribe or participate in that religion anymore. I started finding myself rebelling against all organized religions because of the hypocrisy I saw...people being church then going out and being racist, hateful, jealous. I was like, "What homily or sermon did you just nod along too? It didn't say anything about what you are doing now that you are outside of church."

    I recently realized that you have to find God within yourself. I also learned that humans put the taint on your true feelings...when you see all the crap that goes on. However, I do realize that these religions are tools that help us to all get to the same point...The Creation Force...God or whatever you want to call it. We can't hold the human taint against God. And, there are a lot of good people out there that try to do their thing as best they can. So, I've eased up on my feelings.

    What I do know is that we are lucky creatures. We can think, build, rationalize, fight, love and all these amazing things...and tie concepts and words and descriptions and create because of being inspired by our experiences. That is unreal.

    When we look at the systems that unfold on a daily basis within us and around us... Amazing.

    I loved this post and I would like to know more about that Alpha/Omega song. Sounds intriguing.

    And remember, you don't have to be perfect or go to church if you don't want to. A fee't want to. A feeling of thankfulness and your own way of communicating with your feelings of a Creator are all that's important. We can always find a moment to feel the AWE of what is around us... and within.

    Sorry to have rambled. You inspired me.


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