Friday, January 2, 2009

Saving Is Not For Me!

I worked 9 hours a day and 5 days a week, which means I spend 2160 hours with my PC (excluding the time I spend watching movies and playing games). So I’ve decided I won’t be going near the PC for at least two years, since am taking two weeks off from my work. You heard it right. But am not going anywhere. I’ll spend my well deserve two week vacation in my home.

I love traveling and the reason why am staying home is not because I have been to every corner of the planet, seen every towns, villages and cities nor too tired of traveling to new places. The reason is ‘AM BROKE’, dead broke. The most impossible thing for me to do is saving. I don’t know how people manage to save so much. I have been working for the past two years and in these periods I did not save even a single penny. Though I bought a motorcycle which is an Indian Chief Roadmaster (no, not a new one but a used one from a friend), a laptop and a Tama double bass drum pedal, plus some junk clothes.

My job pays me a decent salary plus the incentive plans are excellent but every month I end up lending some bucks from my buddies to meet the month. Yeah am into an investment. Not those related to banks or any organization. My investment is my sis, who is in medical college and believe me it’s not easy to support a medical student. Every month I have to wire here half of my earning and in return I get a good scolding from my sis. Because I always manage to wire her at least a day or a day late……

I would have never agreed to support her, but I don’t want her to waste her life like me. I spend half of my life getting high. Above all she means everything to me. When I was high on drugs, my dad kicked me out of the house after trying to reason with me for zillion of times. Believe me, things could not get worst than that time. No house, no job and no one to help me out. Well that time, my sis would give me her allowance.

Enough of emotional stuffs… I don’t even want to think about those time.. I hope my investment will turn out good. No, I don’t want anything from her. Thank god now I have a job to look after me.. I just pray that my sis will do something good in life.

Guys and please share some tips on saving!!! I really need it!

Happy New Year to all my Blogger Buddies

Happy New Year to all my Blogger Buddies, Yeah am wishing you! Praying that this year will bring peace, prosperity, health and love to you and your family.