Friday, January 9, 2009

For God Sake! My Gods are Selling Novelties!

I without a doubt consider Iron Maiden as the greatest and the best heavy metal band in the world. I respect them a lot. I have memorized almost all their songs including the guitar riffs, bass line, drums and lead breaks.

Iron Maiden songs are the perfect sound track for my life, right from the first Album ‘Iron Maiden’ to their latest ‘A Mater of Life and Death’. Though I consider them as the Gods of Heavy Metal, but I have a problem. Come on for god sake, you guys really have to sell mugs, wine holders (in short novelties) in your website. Its not that you guys are broke, need money for touring, recording and all. You guys (Iron Maiden) are fitly rich with own private jets, then why are you selling novelties in your website.

I won’t have noticed if you were a Emo band, a pop band or a hip hopper, but considering the genre you are playing, I guess selling novelties does not suit you. There is not much metal band in this world who was not inspired by you guys. You guys were the reason for forming hundreds and thousands of metal bands (including our band). You guys bought a new meaning to the word metal.

Mugs, key holders, candle stands, playing cards, belt, buckles and shoes. For metal sake are you guys planning to quit the metal scene and start a gift cum fashion shop.. May be by the middle of this you might just add Eddie face powder, Eddie eye liner, Eddie thongs, Eddie tampons and so on!

No doubt, for any band posters, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts are a must sale for all bands. But novelties! Get a life…….. You guys are the inspiration to millions of hungry metal heads out there.

Sorry If I unknowingly hurt anyone other there with this post. But this was something that I wanted to share for a long time!