Monday, January 12, 2009

Inspirations From My Fellow Mature Bloggers

Am neither gay nor a sissy! I just happened to liked them. Yeah recently I have been reading a lot of blog posts, no its not on music nor about Metal, but blogs written and managed by house wives. Seriously their articles are so honest and straight to the point. Unlike blog post written by young fellow female bloggers (they try their best to fake).

I never had the chance to mingle or share my views with more mature women, but reading blog post written by them introduced me to a whole new world. Most of my fellow female bloggers are married bloggers with kids and reading their post showed me a world so fun and exciting yet very tiring and challenging.

Their blog posts never contain articles on boring subjects such as, on latest fashion, cosmetic or jewelry, unlike the articles written by female bloggers of my age (which are quite boring). Besides their exciting contents, I have experience how tough it is to be a mom.

What I have really learned reading their blogs is, they (mature women) are far more better than girls of my age, though there are some exception. They (mature women) have a greater sense of humor, they are very confident, they know how to handle situations and of course they have more experience in most aspect of life. No don’t judge me wrong. Am not a M.I.L.F fan (which everyone knows that it does not means ‘mom I love food’, as according to the daily blonde). Its something that I have observed.

So if you are exciting about these age group, just check out my follower list. I would have listed their blogs here but am too lazy to do that.