Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Help me! The gods of Laziness has cursed

Help me! The gods of Laziness has cursed me with their blessing! Lately, for the past two, three weeks I have this urge not to do anything. Every morning I wake up thinking, today I’ll be surely sick and won’t go to work. But again the thought of cooking lunch and dinner force me to drag my ass to my work place. We get free lunch and dinner in our work place. But believe me it sucks and what can you expect when you are getting it for free.

Enough bitching about my work place. Skipping work is not my only problem. I don’t want to clean my house (which I haven’t for almost a month), wash clothes (that too for at least 2 weeks, since I believe that one must wash his own damn clothes instead of washing machines), jamming, hang out with my buddies and so on….(believe me the list is endless).

The only thing I excites me was blogging. But from today am not even getting that kick. I believe am stress out and this might be the reason for my laziness.

Seriously, its been two years I haven’t been on a vacation. Yeah, my work place give us off days on national holidays (the reason why am still working with the same company for the past two years). But apart from that I have never take a day off in two f*****g years.

No matter what I have to take a vacation next month or I’ll go insane. My management don’t have any problems with me taking a month off from my work, since I have worked so hard for two
f*****g years.

I have finally applied for it and my request was granted with ease for a month off from work starting next week. But the problem is, what to I do with this month off. Should I worry that since so many companies are firing their employees, I should not take that break. Because I would definitely hate to find out that am fired when I return from that month vacation. Should I just spend my breaking lying on my couch doing nothing. Should I visit my folks, whom I haven’t seen for three years. Should I travel to a place where I have never been.

Well my brain says, don’t waste your resources on a vacation, as the economy is going to be even worse by my heart longs for a vacation in an exotic destination. As any wise ass would do, i think I’ll follow my heart.

May be I should visit India, though I have been there but was forced to return home, because some ‘towel heads’, pervert Hindu extremist were rioting against the Christian community. Another option is Norway, the birth place of Black Metal. If I travel to Norway, I will not be only experiencing their history, cultures, food and traditions, I can also do some research on black metal.
Anyway.. let me just put a big full stop here….I really don’t have the strength to carry on. BTW, am going to be sick tomorrow as I have to attain a gig!!! Yippeeeee…WOWOW