Friday, January 16, 2009

I have Finally Planned the Whole Trip! Wheee

Am so excited! Today I have finally confirmed my travel plans. I bought my flight tickets for coming Friday, from a site called, though my friends were very much against this site, I took a risk. Cause their site looks so tempting. But as a wise traveler, I did a brief research on other such sites like expedia and orbits. But I found CheapOair deals the cheapest.

I have more than 50 days to explore India. Last night I was planning, researching on destination. I think I know where I want to go and what I want to see. So here is my travel plan:

1. My first stop will be New Delhi. Here I’ll be spending around two weeks. In Delhi I can visit some historic monuments. I can even take a two day trip from Delhi to Agra, the home of the famous Taj Mahal. Then another two days trip to Jaipur, in Rajasthan.
2. My next stop will be Guwahati, situated in the extreme North East of India and the heart of the region. Though its not a problem for me to enter Guwahati, but entering other states such as Nagaland and Manipur might be a problem. As non-locals need a special permit. But think my friend n New Delhi can arrange that as he has some friend from that part.
3. Bangalore will be a must. There are so many reasons and one of the biggest reason is Iron Maiden will be playing live in Bangalore on February 15 (according to their side) and this is a must watch for me.
4. For god sake, am not going to miss out Goa. The hippest beach destination in India. Am sure many of you must have heard it.
5. Am not quite sure but may be I might even visit Kerala, in the extreme south.

I know my plans are big though I have limited resources to spend. But am not worried. As this time I have figured out everything (thanks to the internet). This time I will be using the train service as much as I can. I have done my laundry but still the house is in a mess. Planning to clean it before I head out…Catch you later….