Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flowers For My Girl!

Valentine Day is less than a month away. Too bad, I won’t be able to spend this year’s V Day with my girl. I hope she understands that and, since we have spent four Valentine Days together I hope she won’t mind. Yeah our relationship is almost 5 years old and with each year, it is becoming better and better like wine. Our five years was no bed of roses, we had our own share of fights, which was mostly because of my ignorance, arrogance and ego..

Last night I was thinking what I should do this Valentine Day? Since I won’t be with her how will I give me a V day gift? Yeah gifts are very important in a relationship. It’s not necessary that you should give expensive stuffs (but sometimes it’s necessary to buy him or her that stuff he/she wants). Whether your gift is just a box of chocolate or a bunch of flowers, what matter is that your gift shows that you care for that person and you remembered that person!

I am not much of a romantic guy. I love my girl but it seems that I have been cursed with this unromantic mentality. What proves my unromantic mentality is, I really feel shy and awkward to buy and carry flowers! Seriously, in my whole life I have bought flowers only once. I know its wrong and I also know that girls love flowers, but I can’t help it. The only time I bought flowers was also a disastrous experience.

Let me share about my flower experience. Turning the hands of time to Feb. 14, 2004, my first Valentine Day with Mandy (my girl).. We got hooked up around first week of February, I was desperate to impress her. Lucky for me Valentine Day was just round the corner. Gathering all my courage, I made it to the nearest flower shop to buy her some flowers. Yeah I bought the flowers, plus a paper bag to carry it. Since I have no prior experiences in flowers, I though a big Archie’s paper bag would be the best way to hide the flowers, plus to avoid any unnecessary damage on the flowers. I was in for a shock when I reached her place. All the flowers were crushed and torn beyond repair. The flowers end up in the trash can. Thank God, that I also bough some chocolates along with the flowers. That V Day was really embarrassing for me.

Later we had a discussion on flowers, she said she was ok. She even said its ok; you don’t have to buy flowers if you feel awkward. Yeah she is very understanding, one of a kind. In our five years together I have never given her flower. But Mandy you know what, this Valentine Day you are in for a surprise.

(Ps. Since I’ll be flying to New Delhi in two days, I have bought 10 bouquets of flowers in advance from a flower shop, which they will deliver it to her place on Valentine day)