Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reached New Delhi Safe and Sound But Down on Fever!

Hi everyone! I have reached New Delhi Safe and sound… The flight was not that enjoyable. You know how it feels to fly overnight in economy class? Well let me not bitch about my flight, but thank God that I have reached my destination safely. I reached yesterday…but could not visit any sight as yesterday was a national holiday in India (Republic Day Celebration). Almost everything was closed the whole day.

I was supposed to start my sightseeing from today by thanks to my luck. Am down on fever.. I was having high fever and a bad stomach ache (may be the food that I had last night).My friend took me to the doctor today and the doctor recommended me to take full bed rest for at least three days. He said it’s because of the change in time zone, jet lag and god knows what! Instead of exploring the city am here exploring the TV channels.

The city looks dirty, crowded and polluted but at the same time it’s very exciting and exotic. Very excited to start my exploration.. Praying that I recover fast.

Here are some pictures that I took on the way from the airport to my crib!!!

(A cow taking a morning stroll)

(View of the traffic below from an Overpass)

(Traffic lights: Bad for budget conscious travelers)

P.s Could not upload more pictures because the Internet connection is dropping every freaking minute... Got to find a place with better Internet access.