Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Become a Veggie? HEll No!

Yesterday the doctor did some god knows what medical test on me. The only test that I was familiar was the blood test. Well today I went to get my medical test reports. The doctor was telling me that everything was ok, except that my blood count or rating was low. He told me that there is no specific medicine to prescribe. But he recommended me to stay in bed and drink lots of liquid, like water and fruit juice, plus avoid non-veg.

BUT Avoid non-veg.. How can a tiger eat veggies.. It’s almost impossible. Am a carnivore since birth…Its in my blood..Avoiding meat would be like a crime. I don’t mind drinking lots of liquid, because I drink at least drink two liters of beer in a day, if I try I can increase it to 5 liters of beers in a day.. But come on ‘Become A VEGGIE’….

I tried my best pushing the doctor to find an alternative like drinking more liquid but not to avoid MEAT!! Well there were no alternatives. I even tried bribing him (I read it somewhere that in India you can bribe almost anyone and get away with even the cruelest crime..) But believe me this Doctor was different (maybe the guide book I was reading was written by an idiot). Since I want to get well soon, think I have to obey to what the doctor is recommending.

My three day experience in New Delhi is good, besides my health. You won’t believe this. Last night I met a guy, should say a fellow metal head. Who is a friend of my friend! He came to meet my friend. After chatting with him, he offered me that if I want; he can take me sightseeing on Saturday in his bike… Which mean, if I go sightseeing with this guys, I won’t be spending a single penny on transportation.. But kind of scared as riding a bike on Delhi streets is very risky… People here have very less sense on driving… But the offer is so tempting that I will have to think about it..

Here is a picture of a Gurdwara that i took just ten minutes back from my mobile camera. The Gurdwara is located somewhere between the flat where i am staying and the Clinic. It looks more beautiful in real.