Monday, February 2, 2009

So Much For my Vacation!

Hi guy! How are you all doing? Am doing Cool here and I am enjoying being sick on my vacation, which I happened to take after two years! But am also glad that I have learned my lesson that you should seriously listen to what your doctor says. Seriously we all should!

Everything was well until I reached New Delhi, which was exactly a week ago (last Monday) and till now I haven’t been to anywhere except a rock show… I guess I was improving..until Saturday night! From Friday to Saturday I feel much better. Though the Doctor recommended staying in bed till Monday (Today) for precaution. But I could not. Last Saturday there was a rock show. The venue was so close from the place… Just five minutes Auto rickshaw ride from my home. I could not resist the temptation. I guess I have told you that I meet some local metal heads in the neighborhood where am staying. Well those guys came last Saturday, inviting me to come and see a college rock contest (Campus Rock Idol). As a hard core metal fan, how can i ever resist this., Plus in the last 24 hours, I did not even face any complication in my health. I thought i was Ok to go!

I had a blast. I was in the front row head banging, I was even in the mosh pit. I have this concept that if you don’t join the mosh pit, there is no point a rock show. The bands were good… There were some 5 bands, all playing various genre of music from punk rock to hardcore metal, from heavy metal to death and so on.. a band even covered Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden…I seriously had a blast. But unfortunately on my way back home, I felt very cool…Believe me, right now you don’t need a jacket or a sweater except late at night or early morning.. But I was there shivering.. My new buddies took me to my place… The whole night I feel as if I was in North Pole completely naked..Saturday night was the worst…*

Sunday morning my friend took me to the doctor…whom I now consider as a dictator and a fun killer. He was asking what I did.. Well I told him, I had some 6 bottles of strong Indian Beer (Which are seriously very strong) and went to see a rock show.. As usual, he took some test. Give me some medicine..

Just thirty minutes back I went to get my medical reports and the Doctor was telling me if my condition does not improve within 24 hours he would be recommending me to a hospital. After this am thinking of flying back home.. So much for my adventures… I blame it all to my self..I seriously should have listen to the Doctor and stayed home last Saturday.. Just for a rock show and a few bottles of beer I have ruined my vacation… Let me stop grumbling about my problems… Actually i don't even regret a bit...Cause i was so shocked to witness such a huge metal crowd here in New Delhi, Above all it was really a great sight to see people in their favorite rocK band T-shirts, though 90% of the crowd were wearing Iron Maiden.

By the way am listening to Jimi Hendrix’s song ‘Hey Joe’ And this songs seriously is cool. Gets better and better everytime you listen.

Here is a picture that i took in between the Headbanging!