Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks To All my Blogger Buddies!

Thank you all! I never knew that I have so many friends who actually care for me! Seriously I have more friends online than in real. Am so touched when I found your comments , wishing me to get well soon.. Thank you guys! was priceless, especially when you are down on health in a complete foreign place. Actually am not getting the right words to thank you all. Am not very rich in words.
Today while surfing the net and I found a site. I feel that I should share this with you.. No need to get tensed up.. its nothing serious. What I found was some really hilarious joke cracked by some of Hollywood's hottest actors and socialites. Am sure you guys will enjoy this!

Here it goes:

1. Paris Hilton talking to press about the US chain store: "Wal-Mart... do they like make walls there?"
2. Alicia Silverstone on her role in Clueless: "I think that the film was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it's true lightness."
3. Jessica Simpson on her first day at high school: "A teacher asked us if anybody knew the names of the continents. I was sooo excited. I was like, Damn it! It's my first day of 7th grade, I'm in junior high and I know this answer. So I raised my hand, I was the first one, and I said A-E-I-O-U!"
4. Britney Spears on her taste in clothes: "So many people have asked me how I could possibly be a role model and dress like a tramp and get implants... all I have to say is that self-esteem is how you look at yourself and I feel good enough about myself so wear that kind of clothing... the breast implant issue has nothing to do with that..."
5. Lady Victoria Hervey on the homeless: "It's so bad being homeless in winter. They should go somewhere warm like the Caribbean where they can eat fresh fish all day."
6. Britney on Japan "I've never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don't like eating fish. And I know that's very popular out there in Africa."
7. Jessica Simpson when offered buffalo wings: "Sorry I don't eat buffalo."
8. Chantelle Houghton on George Galloway: "He looks at us like we're stupid, scatty, uneducated girls. He's a right chauvinistic pig, whatever that means!"
9. Cameron Diaz on science: "I've been noticing gravity since I was very young."
10. Britney Spears on where she might start her theatre career: "I would rather start out somewhere small, like London or England.”
11. Britney on capital punishment: "I am for the death penalty. Who commits terrible acts must get a fitting punishment. That way he learns the lesson for the next time."
12. Christina Aguilera on herself: "I'm an ocean, because I'm really deep. If you search deep enough you can find rare exotic treasures."

Hi Lush Ess,

Last time you were asking me to post some pictures of some of the greatest of India hooker-wear. Well here are some pictures recommended by some local friends out here. Hope you like it. The pictures were taken from a Bollywood movie called 'Chameli', which is based on Indian Hooker life...Am sure this will surely piss those snooties...