Friday, February 6, 2009

Best News Since Last Week!! Gonna Go Crazy

Well. Well, well…. I’ve got good news for everyone… went for my check up and the Doc told me am ready to go. You head it right.. The Doc told me just some hours back that am fit and I can travel anywhere, eat anything and do anything except jumping from multi storey buildings, eating glasses, bricks…..

That was the best thing I have heard since I have landed here in New Delhi…That’s not the only good news. There is one more! Though this might be a bad news for those back home (I mean my G.F). I might shift to New Delhi…. You heard that right tooooooo…

Did I ever told you that I work in a SEO firm. We help our client’s website to generate more traffic, increase their PR and what not!! (I don’t want to talk about my work.. lets leave it here). We have a office in India. Its in New Delhi.. Not proper New Delhi but some 40 kilometers from New Delhi… Well my boss called me last night.. He was asking me whether I would want to work in our India office for some months. He told me, we (our company) was doing something like employee exchange…. God knows what they want to do.

At this time I can’t even refuse any request from my management as I don’t want to loose my job. Though he told me that it was totally upto me, but who can refuse the management at this point…. He also told me that many of my co-worked are more than willing to shift to India, but they want someone like me to be there (Looks like someone is in big demand. Please forget that I said those. I never blow my horn).

Seriously I don’t mind shifting to New Delhi. But there is a problem. My Girl. I can’t bring her over here and I don’t think she’ll let me! No am not afraid of her! Seriously! I love her and I can’t even leave her alone back home! Let’s see… I have a whole month to decide..

BTW am starting my Delhi Tour from tomorrow. Will try to update my travel stories
Here are some pictures that I took today on my visit to a nearby market!