Monday, March 16, 2009

New Delhi Not for the Faint Hearted!

Everything is fine here. I have joined my new work place last Friday. My colleagues are cool, though some are quite irreee (burping at work place, if I were the boss, I would have fired them right away). Anyway, may be this is just what they are…My band is also very tight….Anyway lets leave all these sissy talks behind.

Like I have said before, India is a very interesting country with rich cultures and traditions. It’s very vibrant in many ways. To be short, words are not just enough to describe India. You have to experience for your self (this line sounds like the Matrix punch line). Since I have been here for almost around 2 months, I have seen and experience both Urban and rural India. During these time I have noticed lots of good as well as bad stuffs (you know, everything has its good as well as bad side).
I consider my self very luck because not much visitors get to experience a city as much as I did in such a short span. I am also glad that I was a part of the Holi festival, a festival of color. I was a part of this festival and guys this festival sure is fun… Colors, water, booze, colors and more colors are what this festival is all about.

Though this post might scare away my visitors but how long can in stay in my comfort zone. I think it time to write something beyond my comfort zone. This is going to be a long post, if you are bored please feel free to scroll down, cause I have some great pictures below. I would appreciate if you read the post and leave your comment, especially if you are staying in New Delhi.

(Below are 100% based on my Experience on Delhi. This does not include any cities of India)

Overall, Holi is very fun. But there were some stuffs that were confusing. I have seen people throwing rotten tomatoes (lucky me none of those hit me) and eggs at people ( I though Holi was a festival of color). I know any given place has it own share of cool as well as un cool dudes but seriously I have never seen such un mannered, perverts and un civilized dudes anywhere. Am sorry if you are from Delhi, but this is a fact, you have to except it. Coming to Perverts, I have seen and heard of people sexually attracted to feet, shoes, people getting turned on whipping their partners, tying their partners while, you know what… but I have never heard of people getting turned on throwing rotten tomatoes and eggs at girls. The tomatoes and the eggs were only thrown at girls. At first I though this was a part of the festival but later someone clarified my doubts. Am sure it must have hurt and am also quite sure the impact mark would last at least a week or a two. The worst part was, guys would throw water at girls, that too just near the boobs parts, so their boobs parts would become somewhat transparent. Believe it or not, some guys even invited to be a part of this highly exotic sexual game.

This is not the only instant. During my entire stay there isn’t a day that I won’t find at least four to five rape cases in the paper. I know this happen everywhere but the situation in Delhi is different from the rest. People hardly get arrest for their deed. Though I find countless of cases everyday but till now I haven’t read a single damn solved case where they have caught the culprit. Some days back I was discussing this case with some of my work colleagues about this issue and I was shocked to hear their response. According to these wise asses, girls get raped because of their dress code. Believe me in my entire stay I have never seen any girl dressing beyond normal.. No matter what they wear why this should never be a reason to spoil someone’s life. After all they have their own life. To add more fuel, I have also heard that 99.99% of rape victims don’t get married because they are somewhat considered as an outcast by the male gender..

I guess I should put a full stop here. Here are some pictures of Holi festival. Hope you enjoy it.,……