Thursday, March 19, 2009

Would Give Anything To Relive Those Days

Time sure does fly! It’s sad that we can’t do anything to stop it. I fantasize a lot. I always imagine what if we could create a machine that could take us back in time, just like in the movies. I know it’s impossible and you may rate me as an impractical dude but just think for a moment what if you were given the chance to travel back in time. Won’t it be so great?

My office is around an around ride from my home and I should thank my company that they are providing office cabs to us. Since my ride from work place to my home take around one hour, I have enough time to get lost in my world. Last night on my way back to my home I was thinking about how fast the time is flying away and how life has changed! I was remembering my first day at school which seems as if it was just some days back. I was remembering that day when I was in Kinder Garden and my Willy got stuck in my pant zipper while peeing and my teacher came to the rescue after she noticed that I was missing. I was remembering how happy I was the day my dad bought me that BMX I have be dying to have. I was remembering the first time I had sex when I was in 8 grade and boy I sure was excited that day. Actually it was not like a real sex thing as I had a pre-eju…(Whoa let me not be that detail). I was remembering my first real kiss and my first girl friend. I was Remembering the day when I dump my first GF because all my friends told me she was fat (those were the times when people comments and opinions mattered a lot). I was remembering the day when I took drugs because I though it was cool. I was remembering my first time on stage when my band performed at our school annual fest. I was remembering the day when my dad found out I was into drugs and the look he had that day. I was remembering that Christmas night even when I and Ric trashed a guy and later that night I was trashed by that guy’s friend. I was remembering the look of my swollen face when I woke up the next day, which was a Christmas Day. I was remembering how happy I and Ric were when we heard that the guy we trashed was supposed to get married just two days after we trashed him (I heard he got married wearing a sunshade to hide his black eye). I was remembering the day I decided to quit drugs. I was remembering how depressed and down I was when I was fighting to quit drugs. I was remembering the day when Ric died. I was remembering how I met Mendy, my GF and how she helped me fight against Drugs. I was remembering all the odd jobs in have to do to live.

All these memories seem like just some days back. We all have good as well as bad memories about our past, yet looking back I feel that everything that happened to me was for good. I won’t be me without all these.