Monday, March 23, 2009

My Trip To Jaipur

-->Weekend was good. Had Fun after such a long time! Our Show on Saturday went cool. Sorry that I could not upload any video of our show today (the blame goes to my super slow Internet connection), but I will surely share those video very soon. We had a blast. Guess the crowd liked our songs.
Am at work right now and though we are not allowed to blog, I somehow managed to bribe one of the IT guys to give access for an hour (Now am 100% sure that am addicted to blogging). Let’s cut the crab, I don’t want to waste my one hour freedom on useless stuffs.
Today I’ll share some pictures from my last trip…So sad that it’s my Jaipur Trip picture again. I guess my Delhi and Agra Pictures were jinxed because I just cannot upload those pictures in my blog… May be someone might have cast a spell on those pictures..Anyway here are the pictures. Hope you guys like it..
View Of Amer Fort From the Road: The Moment I saw this i felt as if i was transported to the Medieval Age. It was a sight that I would remember for a lifetime.
Amer Fort: Picture taken from inside the fort.

View from Amer Fort: The view is even better during Sunset.

Amer Fort: This was the place where the King's Army would gather . Sort of a Courtyard

Amer Fort Kitchen: Look at the size of the cooking pot.. Looks more of a huge bathtub. Feel sad for those cooks who used to prepare food everyday.

Entrance of Jaipur City Palace: A snake Charmer entertaining visitors with his exotic snake dance. It was a cool show.

Canons at the Jaipur City Palace: This is one of my Favorite pictures. The canons looks so deadly and magnificent. A sign of power during those time.
I have said it before and I'll say it again. I have more pictures to share (actually dying to share) but my Internet connection is super slow.. I took me around an hour just to upload these picture..

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures