Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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First of all, the title has nothing to do with the post. I did a research and I found out that boobies, bobby, boobs, titties, bouncing, large, huge, tit, black ass, big ass, latina ass, ass com, boobs ass, boobs ass and ass to mouth are some of the top keywords according to goggle (Sex without a doubt sell). If you are a keyword hunter, look no further. No need to thank me for searching these keywords for you… One thing, who in the world is searching for bouncing? What the hell is boobs ass and ass to mouth?

It’s becoming tougher and tougher to catch up with my blogging life with this job. I cannot quit this job, since am so used to money. Cannot even analyze where my life is taking me! Thought I was taking a vacation, instead I ended working. Anyway this is life (I guess). How I wish I could find a way how to make money online. I have come across so many guys who are making money online, I mean from the comfort of the home.

Enough of this bullshit! I should not be complaining about life. There are so many people out there who cannot even afford two decent meals a day.

Overall work place is cool. I had some funny as well as some frustrating experiences, but over all it’s a great place to work. In my two weeks here I have noticed quite some funny stuffs. No, am not bitching about anyone. It’s just a view and I consider them quite funny. My work colleagues, the house keeping, almost everyone here is addicted to mirrors. You can always expect a crowd at the wash room all fighting for a glimpse of themselves. I feel good for them. One should be always happy with his/her look. People who are not satisfied with their looks have a higher chance of ending up as Michael Jackson (sorry to all his fan, if I offended you in any way).
I have always noticed my dear colleagues busy talking to the cell phone while they admire themselves. I love mirrors, but I can’t spend more time than am supposed to in a public toilet, because the smell isn’t that great at all. There they are spending hours and hour’s everyday admiring themselves while talking on their cell phone at a public washroom. I seriously respect them. They must have been blessed with some sort of super power. I also respect them because; even though they don’t bother to take bath or use a deodorant at least they are conscious about their looks. Am eagerly waiting for their birthdays, at least I can gift them a deodorant.

I am a believer of shaking hands. I believe sharing hand creates bond, some sort of an invincible friendship. A hand shake has the power to make two enemies, friends. Recently I don’t feel like snaking hands with most of my colleagues as I have noticed, most people don’t care to wash their hands after peeing. Come on guys, you need to wash your hands. I have even stopped eating snacks from the cafeteria because of their anti-hand washing attitude. I can’t stand the thought of seasoning my snacks with someone’s Willy smell.