Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yet You Call Us Anti-Social, Violent And Haters

The Heavy Metal Genre has always been a subject of controversy. Unfortunately this genre of music has also been termed by many as the devils music, a bait to lure youth to follow him. I consider myself a true, hardcore Heavy Metal Fan and its been around 16 years I have been in love with genre of music in my 24 years here in this world.

Many might not agree with this statement but this is something am not afraid to speak up. Heavy metal was, is and never is the music of Devil. I don’t deny that some Heavy Metal fans have done shitty things and I also don’t deny the fact that drugs and sex is a very common subject among metal fans. But this does not mean that we are anti-Christ, anti-social or anti-you. We are just some bunch of people who want to live our life our way. We are people who are not afraid to except the fact of life, a group of people who can dares to stand up against the sarcastic lifestyle, views and rules of the world.

Coming to Satanism, Hitler was not a metal fan, yet he managed to carry out the most notorious mass murder the world has ever seen. President Harry S. Truman was not a heavy metal fan yet he was the person who authorized to drop the first atom bomb in the two Japanese cities. The people who carried out the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 were not metal heads. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein might not have even heard of the word heavy Metal in their whole life.

Speaking of humanity, anti-social, love and respect, the hippies (who are the father of Heavy Metal, the founder of this lifestyle) were the ones protesting against the cruel Vietnam War. I believe that the protest of the hippies was one of the main reason through which America saw how cruel and wrong the world was. Yet you call us anti-social, violent and haters.

Everything has its good as well as its bad side. Look both sides before you raise your finger against anything.

Enough of my sarcastic views…Let me put an end to my views. If you think Heavy Metal is only about drugs, sex, violent and anti-social, well we metal head also had our own share of fun through various instance.

Below are some of Metals funniest moments (The source of below information were take from http://www.funtrivia.

Have you heard of the band W.A.S.P? Well they famous for throwing meat into the crowd at their concerts. During a concert, somewhere back in 1984 in Finland, a fan threw a huge chunk of frozen meat at Chris Holmes, the guitarist, right at the start of a song. Blackie Lawless turned around, wondering why he wasn't playing. He found Chris knocked out cold!

During Faster Pussycat's 1989 tour, drummer Mark Michaels decided to go on to their next venue a day early because he was going to party with the road crew at their next stop in Nebraska. Mark mailed a box of heroin to himself at his next hotel room! When the rest of the band got to Nebraska, they learned that he had been arrested. They had to leave Mark in jail because they didn't have enough money to bail him out.

Even before the age of the Internet, the members of Poison kept a database of their groupies on an early computer. The women were listed by location and phone number, and when Poison passed through a particular town again, they would try to get back up with their favorite groupies. With the computer system, Bret Michaels says that Poison was much ahead of their own time.