Friday, April 3, 2009

SickO's of New Delhi!

Life is as usual! Too bad nothing much is happening. I without a doubt miss those gigging years. I regret why I am a part of this corporate world. No doubt the corporate world pays much better than gigging around but who know, we could have hit the jackpot. Who know you all would have been fighting in the music stores to grab one of our CDs. Anyway this was a decision that I have made and I should not be regretting at all.

Things are somewhat cool at work. Thought some ignorant bastards keep me bugging over and over again with their sick views, thoughts and comments. Thanks God that I still haven’t lost my calmness over them.

As I have mentioned before, our company offers cabs to its employees, I mean some 6 to seven people share a cab. Yeah they have done some modifications and seat arrangement with the cab which allow a total of 8 persons to travel in one cab. Enough of my cab description! Unfortunately I have to share my cab with some real sickO, who does not even have the slightest clue about the term civilized, respect and professionalism. I wonder how such people were even… let me not finish that sentence. It’s too harsh.

Last night I was waiting for some of the colleagues in the cab. A cab driver (Delhi Cab Drivers are a menace to the society) was talking with a guy from my cab.. Suddenly they started laughing hysterically. I asked the dude sitting besides me, what’s with them? That dude told me that the other cab driver was telling one of the employee that the big assed lady (an employee) is late again, may be she is still in the stairs dragging her fat ass. That dude also told me that they were creating new names for the female employees.

My point is, guys here have no respect for the female gender. They just considered female and I mean all female (who knows their mom and sisters also) as a pussy that needs to be F**ked. I know, am going a bit out of control, but I can’t control myself. I love women, I respect them…After all, I came to this world through a female. The reason why am in such a rage is because I have never seen nor experienced such stuffs. The part of the world where I came from respect women and know how to treat them! There are some sick bastards even in my part of the world but more than majority of the male gender knows how to treat women. It’s such a shocking thing for me, when I see more than majority of the guys here don’t even have the slightest of knowledge, how to treat women.

The problem is not only in my office. Believe me it’s the same in the entire city. I wonder, don’t their parents teach them, their teacher or the elders of the society teach them these basic stuffs. I have some local friends here, who never fail to comment about their body, the way they dress or the way they look when ever they see a woman. Believe me its not with my local buddies. Just near my crib is an old dude who is a cobbler, around 60 years old. I have always noticed him staring at girls who are young enough to be their grand children. The way he stare at them is such that it looks as if he is going to undress them just by staring.. Sometimes it’s funny.

I believe its something that’s in their blood. I mean the desperateness. Its not just desperate what have made them like this. They are also cowards. They don’t have the guts to go straight and ask someone out for a date. But they have the guts to comment and tease from behind. It’s not a wonder. After all some handful of traders came and ruled the country for four hundred years and they could do nothing until Mahatma Gandhi (One of the most famous revolutionary, someone whom I considered an IDOL) came to the rescue.

I know, I have no right to speak against a nation but I can’t help it. India seriously needs a social reformation. Something that could help these sick bastards realize…

Let me wrap up here before my flames gets uncontrollable.

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