Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pictures of My First Gig in New Delhi

Hope you all had a restful, fun, exotic, wet (this is getting a bit out of control) weekend. Mine was awesome. Like i have decided, i did stayed away from technology the whole weekend. Well sort of... Ok.. i did got involved with technology. Do i really have to confess.. Ok, here's the truth. I spend around two hours uploading some pictures..

As i have promised before, today am posting some pictures of my first gig in New Delhi. The pictures includes some other performers. Here it goes.. Hope you all enjoy this.

A cute girl with a voice that can make even the most restless souls to relax and enjoy the sound. Truly an amazing girl who has almost mastered the art to manipulate acoustic guitar.

Guys she was a hottie.. (God help me if Mandy (my GF) is reading this post. A rock chick.. Guys she was a hot one.

Bullshit, good for nothing and useless.. Nothing Personal. Its just that i cannot stand hip hoppers or rappers. You guys really sucked. Bad performance plus lots of uh.. uh.. uh...

Here is my new band: 'Necessary Evil' Performing Warriors of the World.. Too bad you can't see me.. That's the problem being a drummer. You always get blocked by the drums and your other band mates. I should have learned guitars..

This is me bashing the drums..

The show went well. Meet lots of cool musicians including those not so cool 'Rappers'. The party after the show was even better. Lots of booze, booze, more booze, good food, great people and lots and lots of cool chicks (So sad i already have a girl).. LOl..,

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