Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Experience with Porno!

After my last post ‘Sicko’s of New Delhi’, I have this feeling that ‘may be I was too harsh’. Well I don’t regret what I have said, uh ah.. Not even a single damn thing. Well it’s very transparent that since my day one in New Delhi, my experience was not the most pleasurable of all. First my health giveaway, then my boss forced me to stay back. I believe that these are some reasons why I bitch about these people (they do have done their part).

Anyway let me drop this topic right now. Seriously, I don’t want to write any hate post. I want to think of love, flowers, rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. In short, today I want to think like a small innocent girl. Why little girls, because little boys minds are always filled with violence, violence generated after playing videos games, confusions about getting boners, bunny magazines found inside his dad drawers and so on.

We all have watched porn movies at least once in a lifetime.. don’t tell me that you haven’t watched.. I know you love that stuff. The first time I watched a porn movie was when I was 13 years old. I use to have this friend whose brother used to work in one of the adult video parlor where they used to screen adult movies. Since we were under age, visiting such a video parlor was out of question. We were lucky. My friend brother made us an offer that cost us 5 bucks, man in those time 5 bucks meant a lot to us.

The Big day came. Believe me it was in the middle of July. The temperature was almost around 90 degree. His brother made us wear hoodies. Man it was hot. We were sweating like hell. We made it inside the parlor. The movie was good, though there was no story line. The movie lasted around an hour. To be honest, we did not enjoy the movie. We were too scared. We were scared of someone we know might see us, what if my dad or his dad or what if his brother rat on us. That was the longest movie I have even seen in my whole.

My next experience with the adult entertainment was not that great either. There was this time, when one of my classmates bought one of his dad’s magazines that were hidden under his drawer. That classmate spread the word a day in advance that he was going to smuggle his dad X-RATED magazines. Believe me, there wasn’t even a single kid who did not come to school that day. Who in the world won’t want to see this?

Everything went well in school. I was given the duty to safe guard the extra- confidential document because I was very good with keeping things safe, away from the parents. That day was Friday, and my mom has this habit of doing the laundry every Friday right after we got home from school. I don’t know how it happened, but I forgot to take the extra- confidential document out of my jacket inner pocket. Mom found out the magazine in my jacket pocket while she was checking the pocket before she starts her daily chores. Who the hell checks a 13 year old pocket? It is understandable when someone checks an adult pockets before laundry but come on, I was just 13. All I heard was a loud sheik…

All hell broke loose that day. I got a good spank, grounded forever and no allowance for 2 weeks. But the worst was she burned the magazine. I had to pay 7 bucks to that classmate.