Friday, April 24, 2009

It Ain't A Big Dream To Ask

How are you guys doing? Am feeling much better today! Thank God it was nothing serious. I went to the Doc and returned with a truck load of medicines. The Doc told me, it was nothing serious, only my lungs, liver and kidney were not functioning as they were suppose to. Right now am banned from smoking, alcohol (including beer), spicy and oily food. Thanks God again, he did not mention non-veg. Can’t live without meat! I am a tiger, and how can a tiger live on grass. Anyway even if he did not ban me from having meat, I know I’ll be having a tough time figuring out my diet as in India there isn’t a single damn dish that isn’t oily or spicy.

As the saying goes ‘an empty mind is a devil’s playground’, so I have tried my best to keep my mind occupied with stuffs, good stuffs. The whole week I was thinking and trying to figure out how in the world I ended up being a corporate slave. Where I have to spend my life in the confined four walls of the corporate world doing the same damn thing over and over again everyday? I have never wanted this life. I have always dreamed of a carefree life, where I get to do different stuffs everyday. I have always dreamed of a career that would pay me for doing what I like, a career that would let me work my own way with none supervising me nor me supervising none.

If you are thinking that I want a career with a job tag such as a CEO of a multi national company, the President of a country or a governor of a state, well you are wrong. I have a very humble dream career, something like this. A humble, Rock Star with some five or six multi platinum albums, all listed on the top five of the billboard. An eight digit weekly salary cheque, a small house in the Caribbean surrounded by some three or four acres of lush gardens with view of the ocean from all sides. A small private jet to take me here and there, some porches, Lamborghini and Ferrari sports cars to take me to the grocery store. To keep me away from bore dome, some bunnies from the center fold would be just fine for me. Its not a big dream. No one’s dream can be as humble as mine. I am not asking much, all I want is my humble dream to come true.

Enough of bullshitting! Life is to short to be wasted regretting. Weekend is almost here. Let me first have some fun and then plan my life before it’s too late.

(P.S: Any suggestion on how I can achieve my dream is most welcome)