Monday, June 29, 2009

Cruising the Streets of New Delhi: Not an Easy Task

Since I have started riding my horse to work, I have been having a blast. I just love the feeling of warm summer wind brushing through my over silky hair (who’s hair won’t be silky after applying a bottle of Livon), the rush of going 100 kilometers an hour, the fear of being crushed by a 10 to 20 something ton truck and the uncertainty of whether my horse can take the hot and the awful humidity of New Delhi. It’s just awesome…

Driving in New Delhi can be terrifying, especially if you are riding a bike. Local drivers here are all born qualified F1 racer. They can even blast an 800 cc car at 150 kilometers. If you own a Honda Civic, then the road is yours. Though there is a speed limit, but no one. Nobody give a damn to the cops, provided that you must have 100 bucks (around 3 dollars) in your wallet. In short New Delhi is kind of a race car driver paradise. If you run over a biker or a predistian, you can always get away from the scene, or if caught by the cops, well, around 5000 rupees can get the job done. If you are a speed freak, come on over here and test your skills. I would recommend Ferrari, Porsche , Honda, Lamborghini, BMW and Mercedes to stop wasting their time, patience and money on drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. Instead come over here. You will get hundreds and hundreds or drivers who can drive 120 kilometers and hour at streets filled with leg pulled rickshaws, tuk-tuks, cars, trucks, bikes and bicycles. Just imagine, if these drivers were given one of your super cars and let them driver in a racing circuit.

Am still riding my horse, though it’s very dangerous here. But I have my own reasons. My work shift starts from 14:00 hours. I sleep till noon, so its almost impossible for me to grab breakfast. Traveling in crowded cabs, filled with fresh wash aroma of sweats, fish like body odor, burping and occasional farting is challenging. Especially if you are traveling on empty stomach. One can even get lifelong diseases. I have decided, it would be better to risk my life and ride my horse top work, rather than be a part of this smelly feast!