Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Halleluiah: New Delhi is Wet like a Girl in her Prime!

Today I just feel like saying Halleluiah.. Halleluiah.. You wanna know why! Well the skies have finally opened up. The temperature has drastically dropped from 45 to 34. IS this a miracle? A blessing from above? Or Mother Nature is in a good mood. It finally rained here in New Delhi. I never expected this. New Delhi is at its best today. The ride to work from home was so enjoyable that I had this feeling of going back to home and ride back again to work. Believe me not even a single drop of sweat was wasted today.

Since its payday I guess I’ll grab some beer on the way, hire a pool dancer or a stripper and have some fun. Wish I could do that. Unfortunately there are no pool dancer and stripper here in New Delhi, to my knowledge. For god sake, sex is a taboo here, even though it has the second most populated country in the world.