Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Have you ever been seduced by a Playboy bunny?

Have you ever been seduced by a sexy ass Playboy bunny? Have you ever dream of Michael Jackson after his death? Have you ever fantasized getting jiggy with Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt? Guys have you dreamed of becoming a porn star, where you get paid doing what you love the most and you get to explore manygina without the tension of dating? Well I have never dreamed any of the above (well I won’t mind the last one)…. This post has nothing to do with any of these and I am not going to blog about any of these.

Right now my life revolves around India, its history, culture, religion and so on. I have soaked up a lot of India and I really feel lucky to a part of this fascinating country. Compared to West, India is a completely different world in almost every way. Though most of my post is about India and I know some of you must have had enough reading about India, but I can’t help it. I have bitched about India a lot (which I don’t regret) but today for a change I’ll write the things that I love about India.

The best thing about India is its closely knitted family lifestyle. I mean the joint family. Unlike the West, where kids flies away from their folks once they reach 18, in India you will find kids sticking with their folks even after getting married. I really admire this. Kids in India stick with their folks, not because they cannot support themselves but because they want to repay what their parent have done for them, by supporting them in their old age. In the west once you moved out from your home, people hardly even call up their folks, leave alone visiting them. I really have learned a lot from this. I haven’t seen my folks in almost three years and I hardly call them up. But after coming to New Delhi and mingling with the locals I have started calling my folks at least twice and I have decided that no matter what I’ll be spending this Christmas with my folks.

Overall, India is not such a bad country. People still have respect for their elder (though I have seen 5 year old kids calling his grandpa a motherfucker and a sister fucker), but seriously overall, people still respect their elders. People here still believe in the holy relationship of a brother and a sister. They observe this by celebrating the festival of Rakhi (which happens in the first week of August), where the sister ties a holy tread in her brother’s arm. Speaking of Rakhi Festival, I hope the two hot chicks (Miss Annie and Miss Kapoor, both blessed with Irresistible body, who I believe are blessed with 36+ size boobs) who sits next to me are not planning to tie me that holy tread. Guys, Let me just stop here.. I have to go and apply for a day off that day because I seriously don’t want to be their brother… LOL……