Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Indian Metal Scene Part 2

Hey guys, so sorry i could not upload any pics.. Am so smart that i somehow managed to delete all the pictures from my camera. Fortunately, there is a guy who told me that he can recover all the pics.. Till then here is a video that i took from my mobile phone.



  1. Couldn't post a pic, but could a video ? Weird. Sounded good, though !

  2. Excellent Hendrix redndition, dude - love it!

  3. Hey! Where this video was shot?

  4. This video was shot in Bangalore....

  5. heyyyy I so envy youuuuuu! LOG! Wish I could hve come!!!! \m/

    By the way, the video you took... I was expecting the moshpit Wall of Death... did it flop or did it not happen at all? Nobody seems to be rushing in and things looked a bit... not right. How I wish I could take part in one of those wall of death charges the moment Black label starts playing!!!

    Hey no offense, but couldnt help smiling at the Hendrix commenter above... errr... does he know...? :D

    Ps. Boomarang's from my place :-)

  6. @illusionaire: This video was take while Scribe was performing... That is why the mosh pit looks kind of stupid. but the mosh pit was insane when LOG were playing.. I could not shoot that stuff because i was too busy inside the mosh pit..

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