Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Two More Days to Go

Just two more days to Weekend.... Weekend seems to be the only thing that excites me now. I have good plans for the weekend. This Saturday, undying Inc, a Delhi based metal band is playing Pantera tribute show in Cafe Morrison.. Well this sounds like fun ' a Pantera Tribute show in a cafe named after Jim Morrison'... Too bad i missed the Last Sunday ' Rage Against the Machine' tribute gig in the same venue.. Am so looking forward to this gig. There is hardly any metal shows in Delhi Hardly one show in a month. I would really hate it if i miss this one.


  1. Can't go wrong with Pantera, even when it's a tribute band.

  2. Too bad some asshole took dimebag from us...

  3. Hey A.K. It sounds fun... Go and enjoy...

  4. Hey, A.K. I'm doing great, thanks for asking(:

    Hahahhah, yes, we all just love weekends. Who doesn't? That gig sounds fun! Enjoy yourself and blog bout it


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