Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Consumer Awareness Message

Hi all,

This is a very useful piece of Information that I found. Hope this will benefit all of us.

Researchers have recently discovered that mobile phone buyers are cheated by various mobile manufacturing companies. Consumers spend thousands of their hard earned money buying the latest mobile available on the market yet researchers have found many basic functions missing in these upscale mobile phones when much older and cheap mobile phones have them. These mobile phones might be equipped with high resolution screens, music players, cameras, access to the Internet in just push of a button and so on, but it is also being discovered that these mobile phones also lack basic features such as the silent mode, the function through which consumers can silence their phone when in office, church or in meetings. Though the mobile companies advertise that they have all these features, but mobile experts have found these functions missing. Even if these function are built in the mobile phone, manufacturer have hidden these basic functions in such remote locations that consumers are not able to find them. These defects have been found in almost all the leading mobile companies such as Nokia, Samsung mobiles, Sony Ericsson phones, Motorola and LG mobile phones. Next time when buying a mobile phone, make sure you are not cheated.

If you or any of your friends, family members or a colleague has been cheated, please contact the nearest consumer awareness authority.

God I just hate those people who can’t keep their mobile phones in silent mode while in office because everytime their phone rings it wakes me up. It’s really tough even to sleep here at my office leave alone work.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Metal Tuesday! My First Themed Post

Since everyone is doing photo Tuesday, silent Wednesday and stuff like that, so even I have started a special theme for Tuesday. I have been an outcast for too long and I believe I should join the mainstream, if not entirely but at least try.

After many sleepless nights, I have come with the Theme Title ‘Metal Tuesday’. As this is my first post, I’ll explain a bit about the theme. Metal Tuesday is all about spreading the Music Genre, Heavy Metal through pictures. As I am in New Delhi right now, normally I should post pictures of famous metal bands in Delhi as well as metal bands in India, but I have decided to do something different, bit weird and bit funny. Every Tuesday I’ll post a picture of a person with the horns up. That person will be a totally non-metal person, a person who has never heard of Heavy Metal in his life. Am pretty sure, it won’t be that tough here in Delhi to meet a complete non-metal guys, but Michael Jackson is really famous here. If you are in New Delhi and if a long haired guy approach you to click a picture, please say yes!

Today’s subject is a dude that I meet in a coffee shop, he was really excited about this.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Photos of the Band

Every time someone tells me to cut my hair I feel like stitching his mouth with barb wire. Its nothing new here. Recently I read in the news that a man stitched his wife’s private parts because he suspects that his wife was having an affair.. Anyway I won’t talk about that today!

Here are some random pictures of my band that we clicked on our last gig!

(Oh Yeah that's me hammering away on a Yamaha kit)

These pics were take some weeks backs.. We did a show with two other Delhi Metal Bands for Furtados, which is a musical instrument distributors with shops across the country. Its good to see more brands emerging out to support the Indian Metal Scene and the Metal Bands in India.

Just Another Day at Work!

For someone who consider Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild, Skid Row ‘Youth Gone Wild’, WASP ‘Wild Child’ and Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take it’ as the ultimate inspiration to live, it may be a little tough to adjust with the box life of the Corporate world. I know, I have ranted about my life in the corporate world a lot but today I am not going to do that. Last week (June 16) was my 26th Birthday and with that I think I have become a bit wiser, forcing me to analyze my life. Just weird… seriously…

Well my life in the corporate world was and is no piece of cake but it was not that bad. I never had that kind of colleagues who would stab you in the back and stuff like that. You know what am talking about, ‘OFFICE POLITICS”, it sucks. Am lucky that my colleagues were always those cool, laidback types! The co-workers that am working with right now are really awesome. I believe anyone out there would want to work with such people. I have a very chilled out manager who is really good in what he does especially in Microsoft excel but he never forgets to brag about that. A team leader who is a real drama, seriously a hard core drama queen who can beat the Lindsay Lohan character in the movie ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ any day (Oh God I have to deal with that everyday)! she is really funny and awesome, sometimes she tries to impose her team leader authority over me but she cant as we are the best buddies in the office. But lately she is acting like a real ass and it’s very tough to approach her, I guess the flashy corporate world power is infecting her. Hoping that she will get over it because I don’t want her to lose a great friend like me. Another new colleague my new smoking buddy who is very cool, work really hard but chews his food like a 90 year old toothless women, its such a eerie. Those are some of my buddies at work. I don’t know about them but for me they are the reason why I get out of my bed everyday thinking ‘Even if my work sucks still I have my buddies at work with whom I can share and bitch about the work’.

That all for today!

Just heard the news that Testament and Slayer are coming to Bangalore this October. I cant believe it. Testament and Slayer coming to India. I can’t wait to head bang and mosh to the sound of pure Old School Thrash Metal. The Indian Metal Scene is really booming. I believe all the metal heads in India must be dying to see them. Wondering with Metal Band in India will be opening for Them. This time I think Undying INC should open for them…

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pictures of Amazing Agra From My Trip

How was your weekend?Hope you had a fun one cause mine was awesome! Remember my weekend to Agra? Here are some pictures of the Agra Fort and the breathtaking Taj Mahal from that trip. Enjoy : )

Entrance to the Magnificent Agra Fort built in 1671 by Akbar the Great. The sad part is Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal was imprisoned by his son, Aurangzeb in this fort.

(Inside View of Agra Fort)

(Side Walls of Agra Fort)

(Entrance to the Spellbinding Monument of Love, 'The Taj Mahal'. See that guy in White Cap, he is a tourist guide/photographer and he bugged the crap out of me trying to offer his service)

The Taj Mahal, one of worlds most amazing monuments.

Isn't this breathtaking. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Taj Mahal. If you are visiting with your someone special, am pretty sure you will feel the romantic ambiance of Taj Mahal.

(That's Me in the Corner)

Am not a big fan of historical monuments but i enjoyed every bit of my trip to Agra. If you are thinking of a vacation, you should visit Agra. A bit of advise, please leave your black shirts and t-shirts at home. Agra was freaking hot and to top it i was wearing my favorite t-shirt, which is a black Lamb of God t-shirt.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 days off from Work! Not a Bad Idea

Wow! For the first time in my life, I feel good going back to work. May be it’s because I took three days extended off from work. This was the longest weekend ever, 5 days without office in a row.

This long weekend was really fun. Had a blast exploring Agra and Jaipur with my girl and some of my buddies. Yeah my girl flew all the ways from home to New Delhi just for me. I feel so honored. Anyway, enough of cheezy romantic lines. The whole trip went awesome, except we had to stop for three freaking hour in Mathura because of rain, but thanks to the Rain that we were able to visit the birth place of Lord Krishna. Just for the record we went on a bike trip covering a distance of nearly 1000 kilometers (both ways).

I won’t bore you but come tomorrow, I have some really awesome pictures to share. Thanks god, this time nothing went wrong with my camera.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Dream Was Huge But Not Complicated

It was a cold December night, just two days after Christmas, five 16 years old teenagers with five hundred bucks won from a local Battle of the Bands Content debating where to spend. A debate which ended with the decision on buying dope and cheap drugs instead of investing on a Marshall Amp, well four against one is a tough fight. That was the night when it all started. A dream that even after ten years, it still remained a dream!

I was one of them and that night we did dream really big. Our dream was simple but huge. Just like any musician who love rock music and Heavy Metal, we too wanted to be real rock stars with a record deal. A world tour, playing sold our shows night after night, headlining Wacken Open Air and Download Festival, bus full of hot groupies, unlimited access to booze and drugs. Returning from our world tour to our humble homes, humble homes that would make the Playboy Mansion look like a joke, in term of size, luxuries, parties and its occupants. Yeah, our dream was huge but it’s was not complicated. We were just five regular teenage boys who loved to dream big but unfortunately all dreams don’t come true, especially dream like ours.

The whole event of that night was really a wonder. How we managed to win that contest is still a mystery as we played just two of our songs and a cover of Skid Row Youth Gone Wild and Slaughter Real Love. May be they found us cute. Comparing that night and those dreams with our current lives, I just have one thing to say; time sure does play tricks with our lives. Here I am stuck in the corporate world trying my best to survive. Our vocalist, after series of mis-fortunate events turned to a born again Christian and now he is serving as a youth counselor. The Bassist (Ric) died six months after that night. The two guitarists busting their ass every day just like me in a hell hole like mine.

Lately I have been very active surfing around the Indian Metal Scene, mingling with metal heads and various metal bands in Delhi. Being with them remind me of my past years as most of them are high school kids and college students. Knowing that they too have a dream like mine which will never come true. I know I am being negative here but Indian heavy metal scene is very much underground as the music scene in India is dominated by the cheezy, disgusting and lame Bollywood. An Indian rock band make it big in the International metal community is almost impossible. But just as anywhere, the metal community in India is united.

This was one of my many dreams that did not come true but I have no regrets because I had fun. That was ten years back but every time the memory of that night hits my mind it never fails to bring a smile with it.