Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Consumer Awareness Message

Hi all,

This is a very useful piece of Information that I found. Hope this will benefit all of us.

Researchers have recently discovered that mobile phone buyers are cheated by various mobile manufacturing companies. Consumers spend thousands of their hard earned money buying the latest mobile available on the market yet researchers have found many basic functions missing in these upscale mobile phones when much older and cheap mobile phones have them. These mobile phones might be equipped with high resolution screens, music players, cameras, access to the Internet in just push of a button and so on, but it is also being discovered that these mobile phones also lack basic features such as the silent mode, the function through which consumers can silence their phone when in office, church or in meetings. Though the mobile companies advertise that they have all these features, but mobile experts have found these functions missing. Even if these function are built in the mobile phone, manufacturer have hidden these basic functions in such remote locations that consumers are not able to find them. These defects have been found in almost all the leading mobile companies such as Nokia, Samsung mobiles, Sony Ericsson phones, Motorola and LG mobile phones. Next time when buying a mobile phone, make sure you are not cheated.

If you or any of your friends, family members or a colleague has been cheated, please contact the nearest consumer awareness authority.

God I just hate those people who can’t keep their mobile phones in silent mode while in office because everytime their phone rings it wakes me up. It’s really tough even to sleep here at my office leave alone work.


  1. Thanks..useful to know..Sorry if I woke you up! :)

  2. Cell phones are "of the Devil" in the first place.

    I don't F*** with 'em.

  3. Good awareness post - thanks. And I agree so many peeps can be so RUDE with their phones!


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