Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Metal Tuesday! My First Themed Post

Since everyone is doing photo Tuesday, silent Wednesday and stuff like that, so even I have started a special theme for Tuesday. I have been an outcast for too long and I believe I should join the mainstream, if not entirely but at least try.

After many sleepless nights, I have come with the Theme Title ‘Metal Tuesday’. As this is my first post, I’ll explain a bit about the theme. Metal Tuesday is all about spreading the Music Genre, Heavy Metal through pictures. As I am in New Delhi right now, normally I should post pictures of famous metal bands in Delhi as well as metal bands in India, but I have decided to do something different, bit weird and bit funny. Every Tuesday I’ll post a picture of a person with the horns up. That person will be a totally non-metal person, a person who has never heard of Heavy Metal in his life. Am pretty sure, it won’t be that tough here in Delhi to meet a complete non-metal guys, but Michael Jackson is really famous here. If you are in New Delhi and if a long haired guy approach you to click a picture, please say yes!

Today’s subject is a dude that I meet in a coffee shop, he was really excited about this.


  1. That is awesome. I love your theme. :)
    This is definitely something I will be looking forward to every week.

  2. cool...liked the idea dude...

  3. Ha !! Cool Idea. Total strangers "hornin' out" !

  4. You're mad :) and I like it! Incidentally, I just started a blog hop for Thankful Tuesdays.......haha......

  5. Great Idea Man.. These things add flavor to life.. As I say, you always rock man !


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