Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Metal Photo Tuesday - 3

It’s Tuesday and it’s time for ‘Metal Photo Tuesday’. As I have said before, Metal Photo Tuesday is an amazing way to meet new people; though the task of convincing complete strangers to pose for me with the horns up is not easy. Am doing as an awareness program to spread the good news about Heavy Metal and am hopping that when they see an Indian metal band performing at least they would understand what’s going on.

Today’s subject is a Spanish Fan that I meet in a bar in Connaught Place, New Delhi right after the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Unlike past subjects, he was a tough one to convince. Though it cost me a pint of beer but it was worth it! Speaking of World Cup, Spain did an amazing job but I just could not support them after the Spain Germany Match.


  1. I just LOVE this blog theme! Makes me smile every time! :)

  2. Love d way you are spreading the word...

    but, the pic is so funny dude...looks like he has been slapped before clicking

  3. Cost you a pint of beer ?!?!

    Did that guy think he's special or somethin' ?

  4. @CutePriya yeah he look bit weird! May be he was nervous

  5. @Heff well i had to buy him a beer to convince this dude.. He was the shy type. LOL

  6. Anonymous20/7/10

    what the fuck


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