Monday, July 5, 2010

Political Parties! I Love Em Now

Am not one of those guys who is into politics, government policies and stuffs like that. I find them quite boring. Political parties to me it's just a bunch of guys who have lots of money and time, looking for new venture to spread their greed infested wisdom and to earn more money. But today i want to say thanks.. from the bottom of my heart. But thanks to only the political parties in India who organized the ban. If there wont be a ban, I would have been in work trying to just stay alive. The best part, you guys have decided to hold the protest on a Monday morning.... Thank You.

I know that your demands are not going to be fulfilled as its almost an impossible demand and the Government of India would never reduce the price of Petrol. But at least we got a day off from work.


  1.'re right! A silver lining :)

  2. lucky u! we guys worked!


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