Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Pictures of My Weekend!

How was your weekend? Mine was chaotic, sweaty yet fun. Normally my weekends start at 3 in the afternoon, I try my best to sleep as late as I can. Lunch at the nearby budget friendly Indian-Chinese fusion Restaurant near Delhi University South Campus (Cost me around $3), visit the Wine store to buy my weekend stock of 'Baron Beer' and vodka. Jam with the bands, crash our favorite watering holes (Cafe Morrison, named after his holiness 'Jim Morrison' or one of the shabby and cheap road side bars on the Highway to Jaipur). Visit some of the lady friends and get wasted! The same thing rotates on Sunday except getting wasted because I have to go to work on Monday!

I know, I suck big time at photography but who gives a damn... Here are some random pics I took this weekend.

Vodafone, hell yeah.. Vodafone one of the cheapest Mobile network provider here in India...

A Street Hawkers selling . They have Playboy too hidden beneath business magazines.

Another Hawker playing with his mobile phones. Mobile Phones are freaking Cheap here in India. Mobile phones start from somewhere around $21. Mobile Phones are so cheap that you can even see beggar with one.

A Street Hawker selling Inflated Balloons.

Bina Music Store: One of the few Music Stores Where you can actually get almost Musical instruments you need.

Paul Stanley From Kiss...... Every time I see that Poster, I want to steal it!

OverDrive Records: One of Delhi's best jam pads/ studio. The guys who run this place are even cooler. This is one of the few Jam Pads in Delhi where you are allowed to smoke, booze, dope or even do crazy stuffs. If you have a metal band in Delhi, this is the place you want to jam!

Inside OverDrive Records, this is the Jam Room!

Just another Chaotic sight of Delhi Traffic. Thank god there is no Cows here!

A very rare sight of Delhi. Its almost impossible to see free flowing Traffic here in Delhi especially at this time of the year.


  1. Pictures are candid. Inflated Balloon is cute.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments. Glad you liked my photography. I do try my best at clicking pictures, I have a lot to learn.

    I dont have professional knowledge to give technical tips. But I could give you suggestions.

    Have an eye for beauty. Beauty is all around us, we just have to observe. They might be simple and raw, yet there is some beauty. A decent point and shoot or a cell phone camera is also sufficient.

    Just have an eye, work on the angle and if you have digi cam, play around with zoom and lighting. Focus on the subject, eliminate any foreign objects. Thats all :-)

    Thanks a lot again.

    PS : Dont have to publish this. I thought let me add this in your space as well since you asked

  3. Cool blog.
    And your photos are fine. They show us what you're talkin' about. That's all we need.

    I'll be back

  4. They have Playboy out your way ?

    Paul Stanley is EVERYWHERE, lol !

  5. @ Boonsong Thanks

  6. @Heff, They have Playboy here but are very tough to get. Paul Stanley is everywhere but less people know him over here!

  7. @Insignia, Thanks for the tip... Let me experiment with my Camera this weekend. I published this because i wanted my other blog buddies to read this because its very useful! Thanks again!

  8. Great pics, dude - how're you doing? Looks like a great weekend there in Delhi!

  9. Chaotic, sweaty, and fun? Sounds like you could have been in Las Vegas. I guess its a sign of the times when you see a beggar with a mobile phone.

    Stephen Tremp

  10. Since I am old enough to be your mother…er, I mean grandm…never mind… let’s just say my weekends are much quieter than yours and I love them that way!)

    Enjoy yourself – responsibly - of course.

  11. Hey, just found you on Blog Catalog. Nice blog! This sounds like a great weekend scene for some good drinking and music. Cafe Morrison? That's an awesome theme. That jam pad looks like a pretty sweet place too.

  12. Awesome pictures. It's cool to see all that stuff.

  13. @ Stephen Tremp yes it's a sign that the economy is improving but the people are too lazy to change their profession!

  14. @Jane Kennedy Sutto I too love to spend my weekend in the bed!

    @Jasmine: thanks

    @Andrew Walsh hell yeah, that place is sweet!

  15. @The Old Silly Never been better!


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