Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metal Photo Tuesday - 10

Being a metal head in India is full of surprises. You never know when, where and how you’ll meet another fellow metal head. Meeting a metal head to many Indian head banger is somewhat like meeting lost tribesman. The most surprising thing is, more and more girls are falling in love to this genre of music, which is awesome. I believe that this will bring a change to the entire metal scene. This may even attract more people because girls do play a very important role in promoting. As of the present metal scene, attendance of any metal show in India consist 99% dude and 1% chicks and those chicks are either girlfriends of the performing band member, sisters or mom.

Today’s ‘Metal Photo Tuesday’ is all about ‘Indian Metal Chicks’

She is a hard core Goth metal fan with an obsession for glam bands and hard rock bands such as Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Ratt. Weird isn’t it? Who gives a damn...
(P.s: If you are an Indian Blogger with a story about the metal scene in India, let me know)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't Be Shocked If I Jump From A Building!

Disclaimer: If you feel that this blog post somehow relates to you or any establishment that you work for or hurt your feelings, emotions... etc…etc..I want you to know that this is purely fiction. But if it does not then this blog post is 100% real and this is how I feel right now. The events mentioned below are 100% accurate and real.

My life right now is at its lowest! Things can’t be worse than now. Have you read the book or watched the movie ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, my life right now is somewhat like that. I don’t have a Count Olaf in my life but the world around me is so F***ed up!

Firstly, I got my annual salary hike and seriously I can’t see any change in my salary. According to my new salary (after the hike) I’ll be getting around Rs. 500 (around 10 US dollars and around 7 British Pounds) extra from before the hike. I just don’t understand why my hike was so low, oh... I got it... May be they though that ‘Since this guy is here for over three years though we have given him the lowest possible hike we could think of, let’s just do the same this year also, he will stick around’. Well, I am quitting but first I need to get another job before I sent them over my resignation letter or email so if anyone of you out there have any knowledge about a good job opening in New Delhi for a marketing position or a social media position let me know.

Secondly, my girlfriend gone psycho and its not even that time of the month, her mood swings equal to a roller coaster. May be it’s the distance. Long distance relationships are hard (not impossible) to preserve.

Thirdly, the Indian Media has killed the meaning of ‘Rockstar’ by calling all those cheezy Bollywood actors, actress and playback singers Rockstar. To my knowledge a Rockstar is a person who got success by playing the music genre called ‘ROCK’ not someone who got success by dancing around trees. Indian Media personality should check the dictionary before or use the internet, Internet has so much to offer besides Facebook, Orkut, Gmail and free porn. I almost forgot, Bollywood have their very own ‘brangelina’ and they are called Abhi-Ash, WTF. Bollywood seriously need to stop copying Hollywood.

Fourthly, Dee Snider the dude who wrote ‘We're Not Gonna Take It’ one of the most rebellious songs ever, has his own family reality show called Growing Up Twisted. I just want to say something to Dee Snider. “What’s So Metal About That”.

Last but not the least, am actually feeling so much better after rambling about all these stuffs.

P.s: I know many Indian Bloggers would be pissed off with me for ranting about Bollywood but this is how I feel about the ‘CTRL C’ and CTRL V’ world of ‘Bollywood’. May be I should just stick to being an Indian Travel Blogger, writing stuffs India travel, Stories about various Indian cities or better if I just stick with the Indian Heavy Metal Blogger tag. Phew… But who care, after all I live in the most populous democracy in the world. I got to practice my Freedom of Speech.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Metal Photo Tuesday - 9

Another Tuesday! Time for another Metal Photo Tuesday, Another Tuesday for Indian Metal Scene.... For this week here it goes

I wish more Indian Blogger who are into metal would stand up and write about Indian metal bands.. Any Indian metal Blogger out there...........

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is Where I Live

If you are a regular here, am pretty sure that you know how I hate living in big cities and working in the corporate world. I have no grudges against big cities and corporate world but am not used to such lifestyles and working conditions (am sure no other Indian Blogger rant as much as I do). I belong to a laid back town where life is pretty simple and easy. The weather is mild and almost everyone knows everyone. We don’t have all the modern day amenities but still we manage to get along pretty fine.

You won’t find big shopping malls, but we have a small market where we can get almost everything we need, plus there are some really unique boutiques and speciality shops. We don’t have expensive restaurants but we have some small cafes and restaurants where they serve fresh and home cooked food at dirt cheap price. You won’t find fancy sports cars or luxury cars but people are always happy to give you a ride in their humble cars. You won’t find ultra-hip bars and nightclub but we have some very simple and rustic bars and pubs where friends get together to chill out after a day of hard world or to celebrate any events, plus you don’t have to stand in line to get in because the joint is full. Though our bars and pubs might not have all those swanky neon lights and music playing in world-class sound systems but we have local bands that play all kind of music. We don’t have big companies where you get good salary jobs but we also don’t have homeless people and nobody goes to bed on an empty stomach because we love to share. You won’t find hi-fi gyms, yoga institutes, fitness centers and so on but we live in a town where beautiful outdoors is just a stone throw away. Amazing Outdoors where we can enjoy hiking, trekking, bird watching, water rafting, fishing, canoeing and camping!

City slickers will find my town boring but I prefer to stay there. I want a life with less complication. Here is a picture I clicked when I last visited my small charming town. This place is located around 2 kilometers away from my home.

Isn't this Breathtaking!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Metal Photo Tuesday - 8

Hey guys, wat's up? Its Tuesday, time for 'Metal Photo Tuesday', a weird yet exciting theme post about the Indian Metal Scene. As an Indian Blogger desperately addicted to Heavy Metal, I feel that this would be a fun way to let the world know that Heavy Metal does exist in India. Though 99.99% of the culture, lifestyle and the fashion of the Indian population is dictated by Bollywood movies (psst.. most movies are copied from Hollywood) and Bollywood songs (psst.. most songs are copied from international artists), there are a few selected who choose to follow the life of Heavy Freaking Metal.

Here goes this Week's Metal Photo Tuesday:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God Ain't Fair, Sometimes!

I hope am not the only one here who feels that sometimes God ain't fair! It’s not that I have lost faith in God and am not questioning how he is taking care of business, I have full faith in him and I can feel that something good (a 10 digit bank balance) is in store for me. But Dear God, there are times when I feel that you could have been more generous and more quick in answering my prayers. My days in the corporate world is not that easy especially when I mess up something at work, like forgetting to do some really important work that was assigned to me and when asked to sent them the work. That is when I need you to be quick in answering my prayers. You know on such days I always pray ‘oh God... Please make my team Leader and my manager have some kind of short term memory problem until am through with the work'. I would really appreciate if you answer my prayers instantly instead of six months after my prayers. Because I have been observing how you answer my prayers and I have noticed that the only time they face short term Memory Problems is during the annual salary hike time, the time of the year when they forget how much I deserve a good salary hike! Coming to the generous part, well I won’t mind a ten digit bank balance and if that’s too much to ask I won’t mind even if I was Bill Gates Son.

As said before, Am not questioning how God is taking care of business but I won’t mind if God comes to me and ask ‘Boy, why all the ranting. Tell me What Do you want?’ As any normal human being, am greedy but fortunately not to the point where I have to hurt someone for my own gain. But I too have my own needs like a small 40 bedroom mansion that sits on some 100 acres, with a view of the crystal clear water of the Caribbean ocean from every room. For transportation, a small super sonic airplane, two Rolls-Royce and some Ferrari car but if that’s too much, just a pair of detachable wings would do. Wings! That would be perfect, 100% pollution free and I can fly to my girl every night after work. As any human being, I too get thirsty and for that a small brewery and a winery on the backyard would be just perfect. Finally for my daily bread and butter, a 10 digit bank account in ten different banks sounds pretty reasonable.

For a better world, I would ask God to erase the term Vegetarianism, Vegetarianism what the hell. Did our forefathers fought all the way to the top of the food chain, so we can be vegetarian? I don’t think that was their plan! A home for everyone, weekly grocery rain, for those who can’t go out I would ask God to create a Secret Bureau of hot Angels who will deliver it right in their kitchen. Just like Chinatown in every Major Cities across the world, a ‘Little Amsterdam’ in every city with everything Amsterdam has to offer! Honest politicians. Hardworking, understanding and sensible management in every corporate establishments. Religious leaders who care about the spiritual life of the people. Making women less complicated to understand. Last but not the less, a million dollar for all my readers.

I known, my demands are very basic, am sure God would be more than happy to grant these wishes. I have this feeling that since my requests are so humble he might even ask me ‘‘Boy you want to have some fun with the history’. If that happens I’ll surely have fun re-arranging and altering some parts of History like the Gaul’s defeating the mighty Roman Empire and taking over Rome. Swapping the place of the African slaves and the European Slave Traders! Deleting some specific individuals and the events associated with them such as deleting the dude who invented the Atom bomb, Hitler and Bollywood (oh god, I just can’t stand Bollywood).

Wow! I have just realized that I have too much time in hand. I seriously need to use this time to do something more productive. On a serious note, if God appears in front of me right now and grant me one wish, I won’t ask for a 10 digit bank balance or super powers, I’ll ask him to deleted just one sense from all mankind, GREED!

P.s: Listening to 4 Non Blondes 'Spaceman'.... Love this song. I too want to Pretend that I'm a spaceman, in Another Place and time.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Metal Photo Tuesday

Well, Well, Well... Another Tuesday and for this Week's Metal Photo Tuesday I give you my Apartment Mate, A Hard Core Black Metal Fan. Here it goes: \M/

Shockingly, in a country where its fashion, music and lifestyle is dictated by the fickle Bollywood,
India has a huge Black Metal fan base. Yeah, you heard it right and that's not all. There are also plenty of kick ass Indian Black Metal Bands that will blow you away.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Visit to the Doc!

Yesterday I took a day off from work to visit a Doctor. It's been around two days am down on fever. On the way to the doc's places there were some really interesting shops. Well I visited some of the shops after my appointment and I end up buying some really cool and some really weird stuff. Have a look:

Four bottles of Imperial Blue Whiskey

A whip, i don't know why I bought this. Must be the effect of the medication. But it looked so damn cool. Seriously, I have no intention to use them on anyone!

A Blue AC/DC T-Shirt

A Levis Short which is a must have for all Metal Drummer.

The best is yet to come. I have this black cloth on one side of my room which I was saving to write some really cool and inspiring words. Something that will get me through bad time. While I was away, my flatmate thought it would cheer me up and he painted this.. Have a look!

Now I have to get another one!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Metal Photo Tuesday - 6

I just love Tuesday's, not just because its Metal Photo Tuesday but am also glad that I survived the Monday Manics, the day when I have to go to work with a bad hangover. For this week's Metal Photo Tuesday I give Your 'Heff Horns'

Heff is a Kick ass bassist and an awesome writer. Check out his blog here

P.s: Am listening to Motorhead's version of Louie Louie and the song so much suit the weather here in Delhi. Everytime I listen to this song, I wanna grab my girl and dance or get wasted with my buddies, such a fun song!