Monday, May 17, 2010

God! It Feels Great To Be a Part OF The Indian Metal Scene

I feel great. After all long time I have been to a real Metal show, yeah am talking about the Lamb of God show in Bangalore. It was insane, crazy and wild. It’s really a wonder how five guys can spread so much energy and chaos in just two hours. I have witness many Metal bands but the energy that Lamb of God unleashes is beyond words. The crowd was super cool. After a long time I felt, I belong somewhere. After a long time, I felt that am not the only weird one. After a longtime I felt that am not the only wild one.

Seas of black T-shirts (mostly Lamb of God T-shirts), ripped jeans and messy long hair, I felt so good. I felt as if I was home. For the first time, nobody was giving me the I hate you looks because of my hair or because of my clothes. People actually did not give a shit about anything as we were like from the same school with the same haircut and the same uniform. But as any family, there was a black sheep in pink T-shirt, purple pants and green shoes.

The mosh pit was insane. Though I have been to many metal shows in New Delhi but the Mosh pit in Bangalore was so different. I don’t wanna share any opinion but I think most metal head in New Delhi are Poser unlike metal heads in Bangalore. No where have I seen so many girls in the mosh pit. I even heard a girl shouting at her boyfriend ‘for god sake this is a metal show’ who was stopping her from going inside the mosh pit. Overall the whole show was killer; even the local bands that were opening for Lamb of God were awesome. Scribe was a band that stands out from the pack but honestly, they are a bunch of very talented guys but band wise they sound just like any other band, in short, they are not creative enough. Boomerang sound was fresh.

Compared to Delhi, Bangalore is way better. The weather is awesome, flats are way cheaper than Delhi. A friend of mine was staying in a four bed room flat, yet he was paying the same rent as I am pay for my two bed room shit hole that am living right now. I even heard that I should be getting double the salary that am getting right now in Bangalore. So finally I have decided I’ll be shifting to Bangalore within three months…………….

(P.s: Pictures of the Show Come up very soon)