Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Delhi! Not So Amazing Right Now!

Bumper to Bumper Traffic Jam. Flooded streets. Smelly sewage flowing freely. Dead cars, trucks and buses in the middle of the road. This is what you will see right now New Delhi. The long awaited Monsoon is here and with it came the 3 miles long traffic jams, dead traffic lights and the smell as an incentive. Just one day before it all began, the Delhi Municipal Corporation declared in the news with full pride that this year Delhi is ready to face the Monsoon, come what may. Well just thirty minutes of rain flooded the streets of some of the busiest streets here in Delhi.

Am glad that the temperature has climbed down and I can sleep peacefully without an AC but the price that I have to pay for this is way too high. Since the first day of Monsoon, am reaching office atleast two hours late and my ride back to home after 9 bloody working hours take around 4 hours, though it take only 30 minutes. I don’t have any problem, reach office late, but reaching home four hours late is something I can’t take. I just want to say something to the Delhi Municipal Corporation, ‘WHAT THE FUCK’!!!!!

Enough of the weather report!

I think people here in Delhi are really enjoying my Metal Photo Tuesday because I got some emails from other Indian bloggers asking me to add their picture. Well I can’t do that because that will kill the spirit of my Metal Photo Tuesday, the spirit of grabbing a complete stranger and convincing that person to pose for me with the horn up. That is priceless.
Let me just stop my useless rambling here. Am stuck in a massive traffic jam and am praying that I’ll reach my office just one hour before my shift ends. Am such a dedicated employee!

P.s: Last night I was looking for Heavy Metal blogs in India and when I typed the phrase ‘Indian Metal Blogger’, Mine came in the first. Weird! Isn’t!