Sunday, July 25, 2010

On The Way To My Work Place!

Updates: Heff's Bar and Grill just dedicated me with a video.. Check it out here: CLICK ME

Damn Traffic! I was late just by four freaking hours. Not a great way to start a Monday. Thank God, I was not the only one who was stuck, even my boss was stuck there. At least, I don't have to convince him that it really was the traffic because he is a tough guy to convince. In a way, am so excited that I just have four hours more to go before i pack my bags and head back home. Am secretly praying that this happens at-least twice in a work. Here are some pics that I took on my way to my office.

The Delhi-Gurgaon Toll Gate: The second largest in Asia. This place becomes a nightmare after 7:00 Pm

A Local Ice Cream cart, these are very cheap and so good. They carry around ten different flavors, plus Ice cream type drinks.

Looks like a small Shop, right! Well you will astonish at the variety of stuffs you can get from here. Cigarettes, Match Box, Lighter, Candies, Chewing Cum, Tea, Coffee, bread toast, Omelette, Pan Masla etc..etc..

Totally Messed up Alley

Another sight which makes me fell like am going on a Safari tour everyday. I travel from streets that resemble like small rivers, bumpy roads and pure dirt roads.