Friday, August 6, 2010

A Visit to the Doc!

Yesterday I took a day off from work to visit a Doctor. It's been around two days am down on fever. On the way to the doc's places there were some really interesting shops. Well I visited some of the shops after my appointment and I end up buying some really cool and some really weird stuff. Have a look:

Four bottles of Imperial Blue Whiskey

A whip, i don't know why I bought this. Must be the effect of the medication. But it looked so damn cool. Seriously, I have no intention to use them on anyone!

A Blue AC/DC T-Shirt

A Levis Short which is a must have for all Metal Drummer.

The best is yet to come. I have this black cloth on one side of my room which I was saving to write some really cool and inspiring words. Something that will get me through bad time. While I was away, my flatmate thought it would cheer me up and he painted this.. Have a look!

Now I have to get another one!