Friday, August 20, 2010

This is Where I Live

If you are a regular here, am pretty sure that you know how I hate living in big cities and working in the corporate world. I have no grudges against big cities and corporate world but am not used to such lifestyles and working conditions (am sure no other Indian Blogger rant as much as I do). I belong to a laid back town where life is pretty simple and easy. The weather is mild and almost everyone knows everyone. We don’t have all the modern day amenities but still we manage to get along pretty fine.

You won’t find big shopping malls, but we have a small market where we can get almost everything we need, plus there are some really unique boutiques and speciality shops. We don’t have expensive restaurants but we have some small cafes and restaurants where they serve fresh and home cooked food at dirt cheap price. You won’t find fancy sports cars or luxury cars but people are always happy to give you a ride in their humble cars. You won’t find ultra-hip bars and nightclub but we have some very simple and rustic bars and pubs where friends get together to chill out after a day of hard world or to celebrate any events, plus you don’t have to stand in line to get in because the joint is full. Though our bars and pubs might not have all those swanky neon lights and music playing in world-class sound systems but we have local bands that play all kind of music. We don’t have big companies where you get good salary jobs but we also don’t have homeless people and nobody goes to bed on an empty stomach because we love to share. You won’t find hi-fi gyms, yoga institutes, fitness centers and so on but we live in a town where beautiful outdoors is just a stone throw away. Amazing Outdoors where we can enjoy hiking, trekking, bird watching, water rafting, fishing, canoeing and camping!

City slickers will find my town boring but I prefer to stay there. I want a life with less complication. Here is a picture I clicked when I last visited my small charming town. This place is located around 2 kilometers away from my home.

Isn't this Breathtaking!